Awadhi Festival at The Masala Bay Taj Lands End Mumbai – A bit about Awadhi Cuisine , a native to Lucknow, which is the Capital of Uttar Pradesh in North India. I heard one great Chef saying it’s very closely related to Bhojpuri cuisine of the neighbouring region Bhojpur. After which I have not heard much about Bhojpuri part. Cooking Style somewhat similar to Central Asia/Middle east and Obviously Northern India (Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian) this cuisine is greatly influenced by the Mughlai Cooking style or you can call it the Nawabi Food.

We all have heard about the DUM STYLE of Cooking ( Slow Fire ) which was Invented by the Bawarchis ( Chef’s ) and Rakabdars ( Gourmet Cooks ) They do Boast of their kebabs/Kormas/Biryani/Nihari-Kulchas/Waqri Paratha and the list can go on and on.

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K&K – ITC Grand Central

K&K – Daawat -e – Shareef, New Maestro welcome to K&K Mast chef Shareef. He brings along with him the heritage of North Indian culinary traditions a bit modified with his years of experience. A small brief about Master Chef Shareef – known for his DumPukth style of cooking. Here he has curated an exquisite menu consisting of signature kebabs and Biryani not to forget the traditional mains as well. Started his career at ITC Maurya (flagship property) Moved to ITC Windsor Bangalore where he opened the Dum Pukth restaurant. Travelled as a brand ambassador of the famed Dum Pukth cuisine of India. Now heads K&K ITC Grand Central.

This festival started on the 5th of July till 31st July 2017 both Lunch and Dinner.

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No Vacancy

No Vacancy – New baby at Carter Road – Bandra. Ashok Datwani who gave us Satranj Napoli opened this Bar and Bistro some days back. A bit different concept at the Bar where the Bar tenders cook behind their console. Overall the place has got a good feel to it. One would get the Lounge Feel as the night progresses. Cuisine – it has American / Italian / Tex-mex and Asian. Opens to public at 7 pm. Staff is attentive, service is good.

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House Of Nomad – Taj Lands End

House of Nomad – Perfect place to unwind over some amazing cocktails and Global Cuisine. One can call it a Gastro bar. Serves some Global tapas inspired from different regions of the world. Coming to the Chef, Anirudhya Lal Roy has curated the menu for this place. Chef loves experimenting and looks for constant innovations which one can see in this menu. Bar menu is curated by Andrew Pearson , an award winning Mixologist.

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Hemant Oberoi

Hemant Oberoi – What can I say about this Genius. He is a legend. Having launched his own company he opens a 3000+ sq feel restaurant ( the first in India ) BKC called Hemant Oberoi.

Menu looks Compact but 40 years of experience each dish has a story and Art hidden behind it.

From the Plating/Presentation/Flavors he can’t go wrong. I distinctly remember when Zodiac Grill shut down the rating was 4.9 which says it all. One can’t match it. Coming back to HO, it has class/elegance, Asked him how would you categorize this place? His reply ” Refined Dining ”

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ARTH – New baby which has already taken Bombay by storm opened a fortnight back at Bandra (Ex Sanchos) the food at Arth is all about traditional cooking or rather ancient cooking. In the Era where Food was not cooked over Gas and the same is with Arth. It’s all about getting good and real flavours out of Charcoal/Wood Fire and some dishes hot sand.

Heard Chef has traveled all over to source some unusual ingredients from across India. Big towns/Villages and accordingly has crafted the Menu.

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Light House Cafe Worli

Time Flies – It looks like it was just some day’s back that I wanted to Book a Table at THE LIGHT HOUSE CAFE, Worli – they were booked by WOW tables. It’s been a year already. This place is at Worli. Nice compact place. Only issue is the Aircon. However good the ambience decor vibe maybe, if a person is not comfortable – half the battle lost. Being a Sunday was packed.

Initially the service was poor but picked up. Better to sit in the outside section. Feels cooler.

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Flip Bar & Kitchen

FLIP Bar & Kitchen (Bar not yet opened) at this moment it’s ONLY FLIP KITCHEN.
.Another good effort by Chef Saif to get this place to a great start. The moment one glances the Menu (Its some signature creations of KM SAIF) which one needs to try. About this place – 2 levels. Upper level has Sheesha (more casual sitting – lounge feel) Ground level is good. Vibe is positive – overall a nice place and this type of cuisine were required in this Area.

Coming to what we had:

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Matahaari Worli

MATAHAARI – The latest and probably the best lounge in Bombay at this moment opened doors last month. If One has to research Mata Hari (Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod ) stage name Mata Hari – you can write a Thesis on her.

At Worli – we get some glimpse what Matahaari is all about.
Interiors – The best in Bombay. Vibe/Feel/Ambiance just amazing and positive. It’s all about The CHIC look at the same time you go back yesteryear. Lot of Leather/Velvet used. And Spacious.

A mini Biography of Mata Hari . Some Minute details have been taken care of. Likes/Dislikes – her best color/drink etc. This place is Hugh divided into sections (Bottoms Up/The Parlor/The Gallery the Chamber/the Vanity and has a story of its own.

One need to go there have a feel of what I have penned down.

Coming to the Bar – Its Hugh/Long and loaded. (Bottoms up) Food menu looks
interesting as well.

Coming to what we had:

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