29 – Twenty Nine

Had I even thought of exploring different cuisines of India … well it would have taken me months, but here is 29 – Twenty Nine , a vegetarian restaurant situated at Kemps Corner , Mumbai.


Specialty of this place is they it have some managed to put some good and authentic dishes from all almost all the states Of India . From Rajasthan to Mizoram to Jharkhand to Uttar Pradesh……

Nishek Jain ( owner ) engineer now a restaurateur , full of energy and focused must have travelled for months and miles to explore different cuisines of different states of India and has come up with this lovely concept with Chef Prakash who also has an experience of more than 33 years .

Interesting to know that 29 has started Thali concept of a particular state and that would go on for 16 weeks of one particular state and then switch to another state ….. I presume this would only be on every Sunday and that too Morning Lunch ( check up with the restaurant)

They However they serve the Normal la carte menu along with the Sunday Speciality.

The first 16 weeks they have the SAPPAD (means a full course meal which can either be a lunch or dinner) from Tamil Nadu ( the moment you hear Tamil Nadu Its Chettinad )…. They say that Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and most aromatic in India .

Now to Prepare Vegetarian food is again a big task but the Chef along with his team did a good job coming up with a tasty meal.

It is similar to the Sadya ( kerela ) but the spices are more and the food is more tangy.

Traditionally served on a banana leaf , 29 has kept up the tradition.



Sappad :

Sambhar : Good in taste but a bit thick , should have been served hot.

Rasam : Let down , again thick , extra Tamarind not to my liking.

Dal : Good but thick.

Dal Vadai : good , not oily , had flavours.

Tamarind Rice : missed the tamarind.

Plain Rice : Missed the Ghee ( coming to a south indian place and no Ghee …. )



Curd rice : just ok

Aviyal : very good

Stew : surprised how they added corn in .. otherwise tasty.

Paneer Pepper : too much of pepper.

Cabbage subzi : yum

french beans Poriyal : yum

Payasam : nailed it , not very sweet , just perfect.

Stuffed Dahi Mirchi : interesting

Masala Butter Milk : perfect to end the meal.


Hope i have not missed out a couple of things.

Service was a bit slow , but thats understandable cause the la carte and the Sappad orders together would have given the best of places would have had issues.

Overall it was a good Sundays Lunch.

Would be going again to try the la carte soon .

If the above Sappad interests you , go for it.


29 - Twenty Nine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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