Surprised at some of the earlier reviews posted. Checked the same when i reached the restaurant and i was like blank !!!

La Plage goa had never let me down and i was hoping that this place would live up to the reputation . I have been here before when there used to be Little Italy .

Amazing ambience and great feeling to be at Sula .

Coming to what we had :


Classic French Onion Soup – grilled with melting cheese on toast . This was a treat to have , thick , full of amazing flavours and just perfectly cooked .


Creamy PUMPKIN soup – another dish nailed by the chef , again great flavor good texture , thick creamy with a hint of Nutmeg and buttered croutons which came separately.


Garlic Cheese Bread – Interesting , they use the Local Pav bread instead of the normal ones . Not that great but the bread was fresh . Some extra cheese would have made a difference.


Homemade ricotta cheese ravioli – and here was the dish which i was waiting for cause GOA la plage serves is just perfect.

It looked great when it came and wow – amazing taste , just what i thought off !! Served with fresh tomato and basil Coulis ( coulis is basically a thick sauce) Freshly made , very light and full marks.


Veg Burger served with fries , coleslaw , local cream and fresh herbs – Not very exiting . Found the Bread to be a bit , just a bit sweet , the patty was missing that punch , overall was just ok . Nothing great . You can avoid this . I also found it to be a bit dry .


Crispy Goat Cheese Balls hopped with a bit of honey , organic iceberg ( organic ?) rocket salad , garlic dressing . Wow , this salad or dish stood out , some great punch in the Goat cheese balls which just balanced the honey and garlic dressing , nice portion , and good presentation – very fresh .


Grilled Homemade paneer with a creamy spinach sauce , sauted organic asparagus – wonderful presentation , taste wise not very good but ok . Had the paneer been a bit soft and the marinating perfect this would have been a different dish . Portion not that good as well .


French Savoury Crepes andwe ordered the CHEVRE – Fresh Goat cheese from the farm ( trust me this was amazing) had that goat cheese flavor with mixed herms , oven dried tomatoes and basil , tapenade of olive and black capers paste . Nailed it chef . Just perfect .



Caramelised Apple Tart with homemade vanilla ice cream – again a rich dessert with awesome flavors. You need to order.

Overall a great experience – service just perfect , what more do u want ? Wine and yes !! it was there pouring .

A perfect lunch …. Now will i go to La plage GOA ?

Yes thats a different ambiance . Nashik La plage for sure will be there soon …. Till then cheers !!




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