Interesting name this ?

Why 38 Bangkok Street was the question and i was told by Gaurav Barai the owner that soi 38 in Bangkok serves some amazing Asian food hence the name .

Gaurav was also frank enough to mention that he has given an Indianised taste to it , hence if one is looking for authentic far eastern food , it would not be perfect . Fair enough , which means I am reviewing this place keeping in mind the frankness of the owner.

Not difficult to find , just 100 odd yards from Yazdani Bakery 38 Bangkok Street looks impressive with around 58/60 covers 1300 st ft.

Ambience is fine and food , lets see ..

Mocktails :


Watermelon Lemonade – just about ok it says fresh watermelon juice / ice / fresh lemon juice with triple sec ….


Strawberry Colada – ((strawberry pulp blended with vanilla ice cream and coconut cream) Thick , rich and tasted good , a bit sweet for me but the …


Virgin Chocolate Martini – wow this is a must have . thick rich creamy and just about perfect (chocolate sauce , vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice creams .. calories yes but go for it.

Salads :


Grilled tofu with asian greens – not to my liking , the crunchiness of the fresh salad leaves missing , tofu was a bit over done . hope there is a bit of fine tuning done.


Som Tam – Hand pounded unripe papaya infused with red bird chilly , lime and palm sugar . Again its a BIG no .. this was Soggy , lacked all the flavours possible .

So for me the salads are a complete NO.



Fresh green , celery and button mushroom Momo – wow now this was just perfect served steaming hot , generous filling and great taste , correct blend of flavours.

Soups :


Khou Suey – now this is interesting , this name always comes in the mains but interestingly presented in a form of a soup. rich in texture , had that coconut punch and possibly all the elements except the noodles . nice innovation and good portion .


Shan Tofu soup – This soup recipe from Myanmar in Burma is a Shan dish traditionally served for breakfast. But you can eat it at any time of the day, the rich thick tofu soup can also be served without the chicken element as a vegetarian dish which was done by chef .
Again interesting and with that tiny tofu pieces in the mouth , its a sure winner.

Starters :


Java Lotus stem – Crispy fried lotus steams tossed with garlic and ginger . This is a signature dish of the restaurant . Had that crispness and the flavours were good . full marks to this dish a bit indianised though.


Wasabi Water chestnuts – completely missed the Wasabi punch but the chunky water chestnut with the so called Wasabi sauce was just good enough to get this dish a 3/5.

Mains :


Sumatra Curry : normally the original recipe has a fresh flavour with the combination of coriander, chilli, ginger and lime but here again 38 Bkk St has used a paste of onion , tomatoes , poppy seeds and coconut with some Asian greens . Over all was good and went well with the rice .


Masamman Curry – A Thai dish normally used in the South of Thailand , normally is very rich in flavours , here the chef has nailed this dish , just about perfect , the richness and the spiciness was just about perfect with elements like Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, nutmeg and mace used. A winner all the way and one must try this.


Pad Thai Noodles – Skip it please .. soggy needs an improvement. Not going into details.

Desserts :


Crispy Banana Fritters with Honey – This is interesting .. Banana Fitters , hard to find . good in taste something different .


Sangkaya – Pumpkin – coconut Thai cake served with vanilla ice cream .. When the restaurant started the pumpkin taste was very imminent but then after the feedbacks received by the owners he has reduced the Pumpkin taste or there is hardly any but the coconut cake was good. Fresh.

To Sum Up ;

If you are looking for authentic flavours i very much doubt you may get it but otherwise or once in a while this is a nice place.
Try it out !!



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