Chef Allan Zhao , specially flown from Pullman Shanghai has given full justice to the Cantonese Cooking at Pondicherry Cafe.

From Dimsim till the Dessert , I personally enjoyed it.

Just coming back to Cantonese style cooking – its simplified traditional Chinese which many of the Indian would feel it’s a bit blend for them . However i was happy with what was in the buffet which is at Sofital from 26th Feb till 6Th March.

They also have the regular buffet apart from Cantonese.

The Flavours in this Cooking give you aroma and some of the dishes prepared are very good .



Started with the Dimsim , the Vegetarian was good , very thin quote with good filling but the Chicken was even better. Really well stuffed and rich in taste.


Basically Cantonese cooking is all about Steaming and Stir frying , some maybe shallow frying (which was not used here) double steaming and sometimes Braising.

The vegetarian section had a very well prepared dish called :


Na Choy Tofu – Silken Tofu (very soft) French beans , beancurd sauce and chilli. Stirfried to perfection.


Chow See Chow Ka Funga – Tossed veggies (cabbage, baby corn , carrot , celery cauliflower …) in bean thread (very thin noodles) again a well made dish having that aromatic flavours. yes this was a bit Mild .

Rice ( i am not able to get the name , but it was just amazing ) great texture and did give that lemon flavour to it which was much needed and complemented well with the veggies.


Kun Tung Kai – Chicken in Cantonese sauce ( chicken with bones ) soft chicken pieces and sauce perfectly made, could get the fvalours of Garlic,Soya,Ginger maybe some olive oil … Had carrots , zucchini cabbage and greens to give that additional feel.

Maa Chow Thunku chup – Lamb with chinese mushroom sauce , I did not eat the lamb but did taste the mushroom sauce . Good.

Missed out on both the soups but looked interesting , instead opted out for the salads :


Chicken and Pok Choy salad – absolutely amazing , soft and tender diced pieces of chicken and pok a very light dressing , overall good.


Sprout salad – Picture perfect , good taste .

Apart from this as i said there was the regular Buffet –


Tried the Dips of Lebanese , Hummus (Ok) Tabolleh (nailed it , just fantastic) Baba Ghanoush (good) Fattoush (still can’t get a good Fattoush In Mumbai but still ok)

The Potato au gratin ( creamy ) baked to perfection very good

Dal Fry was good

Pizzas are mind blowing at Pondicherry cafe and its a must try.


Skipped the desserts ….

Since it was a Cantonese fest , concentrated on the Cantonese food .

Thanks to Chef Zhao and his Chef Wong (Souf Chef)

Had a wonderful time …


Cantonese food is not oily and you will be Hungry as I am now ….

Hope the Nin Hao ( year of the monkey is a great year ) and wishing every one the best ….


juk neih houwahn

Thanks and Cheers !!
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