Royal China

ROYAL CHINA = Authentic Chinese + Fantastic Service + Amazing Hospitality OVERALL a great experience.

New menu does look interesting with some interesting Dim sums , amazing Chinese Cuisine. Been to the Fort outlet once and this was my second visit to this outlet and all the three visits of mine have been remarkable as far as food is concerned.

Coming to the Dim Sums :




Bak Choy Dumplings with Chilli Oil

Vegetable and Chives

Chicken Peaking

Prawn, Carrot & Corn

Chicken and Mushrooms

Tried finding a fault , but No way you can when it comes to Royal China – these guys are masters when it comes to Dim Sums – made to perfection – Outer Covering perfect , correct amount of stuffing , served piping hot , full of flavours , good texture , light , thin and smooth as silk.

Loved all the above we had , since this is new in the menu , just pick up any of the above and i am sure you will like it.




Vegetable Coriander Soup :


Loved this , diced pieces of veggies , crunchy , very few places serve in this style – Royal china does something different. Served Piping Hot , just perfect in taste loved it.

If you are at Royal China try the Fried Bread – it’s a speciality (Chinese bread) not many restaurants serve bread … but Royal china does … a bit sweet but just YUM


The BUN – be it mushroom or chicken – again a signature dish , steamed and good filling. Not to miss. Maybe a bit dry but this is how it’s supposed to be.




SALT AND PEPPER PRAWNS – fresh catch , fried to perfection , imminent taste of Garlic and white pepper , fried. the look was good when it came on the table and the moment you taste its delicious. Light and crispy.




Tasted it for the first time , juicy ,again garlic and white pepper used to give that taste .. can’t say more cause i am not used to Crabs.


FRIED SOFT CORN CURD – now this is what i call texture as its best. Mashed corn fried to perfection , just getting that golden colour melts in the mouth dish .. Coating crispy , inner part gooey. wow.




STIR FRIED CHICKEN WITH CHILLI OIL AND SPRING ONION – sliced chicken with good flavours. Onions in soya chilli garlic sauce went well with this dish … the stand out was the red dry chilli flavour which took the dish to another level. Amazing. Crunchy and sweet




Also Known as Water Spinach – Dish also known as Pak Boong

Again a handful of restaurants in Mumbai serve morning glory , a simple yet elegant dish , healthy dish basically used in the far east (Thailand) It’s all about Garlic , salted bean paste , oyster sauce . Cooked well. Loved it.

LOTUS LEAF RICE – a classic Chinese rice dish with Shitake mushrooms served in a lotus leaf . Also known as LO MAI GAI. Mainly a Southern Chinese food. Cooked well. Loved it.




Caramel Custard – go try all the IRANI restaurants in Mumbai and then come and taste the Caramel Custard here – tell me which is better. One of the best that i have ever tasted and this is one of their signature desserts , rich creamy texture , not that sweet , right balance and just melted in the mouth , no smell or taste of egg which is remarkable. Hats off if its made in house ..Perfect.


HONEY NOODLES WITH ICE CREAM – mostly all the Chinese restaurants serve this dessert. I personally felt this was just not that crispy ( Noodles ) could have been better , taste wise good served with vanilla ice cream went well . Overall Decent.



Dirty Martini – Just perfect.

Rose Wine .

Overall a great experience – would love to come back and indulge in some authentic Chinese Cuisine.

Do try the Dim Sums – Buns – Bread and exotic dishes .

Loved it ..

Cheers !!

Ps. Some Specialities of this place – Kung Pao Prawn in spicy sauce / Prawn Cheung Fun / Crispy Duck spring roll.

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