Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat – YES !! It was a Treat to be there.

One thing would like to suggest , let’s have a tasting session of Who’s who Sushi Bar In Mumbai and check how its rated. Should be a Blind Tasting – BET you will fall in Love with the Sushi , Its taste , the presentation – DELICIOUS is not the word. I am Serious about the Blind Tasting !!

Hats Off to this Guy and his chef and the entire Team Of TOKYO TREAT to serve some amazing food.

From Miso Soup ( White Miso ) to Sushi ( Maki roll / Nigiri ) to Gyoza , Yakitori and Noodles (Udon)

This guys have given their heart into preparing all the dishes , great taste , fantastic presentation and good Portion. Can’t go wrong with the Miso soup – Not Very strong as they used the White Paste which does not give that strong flavour. The Tofu used was wow – melted in the mouth.

Coming to Sushi :



Maki rolls / Sushi Rolls – absolutely amazing presentation , just about perfectly done ( veggies or meat in the centre and wrapped around the rice)

Asparagus Tempura/Veg California – both are a delight for Vegetarians and it was.

Prawns Tempura with spicy Miyo – perfect.

Non Veg California Rolls – Crab meat/Avocado/Cucumber with cream cheese topped with Cavier. ( will upload the pics)



Rice is on the base and the meat is on the top tied with Nori.

Again Nailed it perfectly .


Veg Nigiri – Asparagus/cucumber/Spinach and roasted peppers – each piece was different having different colour and flavours . Amazing Craftsmanship ..Hats off to the chef.


Also tried the CHICKEN GYOZA – a Japanese delicacy ( Dumplings ) steamed from the top pan seared from the bottom , served with Plum sauce – Minced Chicken filling and a stand out dish. A very tricky dish to prepare as one side has to be golden brown and the other like a momo texture wise and chef did a great job presenting this as well.


Salmon Yakitori – Fantastic glaze of teriyaki sauce – chunks of salmon grilled to perfection , top notch the quality of salmon . hats off to the owner getting some of the best ingredients to prepare such great Japanese food.

UDON Noodles – Japanese noodles has that chewy wheat texture – just a bit salty cause of extra soya added but the veggies were done well – colourful and had some great flavours. I was served a spicy sauce ( can’t get the name and that made my day ) it was just amazing and i mean it SPICY.


Trust me this place is a HIT for me – though the ratings on Zomato are a bit low but it’s just a matter of time it would reach a 4+

Two outlets one at Kemps Corner and the other at Lowe Parel and both have a small sitting but deliveries is what is focused upon .

My suggestion would be to start a Sushi Bar at both the places and am sure this place will get good response .

Really Loved the place and would love to visit it over and over again ….

Try it out – Instead of asking for deliver visit the outlet and you will not regret it !!

Tokyo Treat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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