The Bayview Restaurant – Marine Plaza

Marine Plaza – A nice Compact Property Overlooking The Arabian Sea at the End of Marine Drive. Some Interesting Restaurants ” Geoffrey’s ” – English Pub ( my Favourite ) They also Have the Award winning Chinese Restaurant ” The Oriental Blossom ” and Obviously The BAY VIEW RESTAURANT which is a 24 hour Coffee shop has a new menu which looks interesting and they also have a Buffet.

Coming to a Chef Table Tasting where we had the chance to try out some good and innovative dishes , would like to start with :




Minestrone Ala Genovese – Love the Texture , Taste , very Italian , had some good aroma. Had a Mix of Countryside Vegetables with pesto and cheese Crostini and Parmesan Cheese – a good start . Liked it.


BURMESE CURRIED SOUP – Great innovation by Chef Rishi , it’s more like a Khow Suey having all the elements which Khow Suey has + a Half Boiled egg . Rich in texture and amazing taste ( coconut + a hint of Lime ) made it a good Soup , we asked for the non vegetarian which had Chicken.




Grilled Pesto Chicken Salad – these days it’s difficult to get a fresh salad leaves on the plate when you ask for a salad …. The crunchiness of the Fresh salad leaves , Bell peppers and the balsamic dressing reduction with Mandarin sauce did the flavour and took the salad to a different level . Liked it.


German Potato & Chestnut – A Vegetarian salad , had the aroma of basil but could have been better had there been a hint of Rosemary added to the Roasted baby Potatoes – rich , creamy salad ( picture perfect) Mustard Herb Mayo and water Chestnut went well as a dressing – this is a great Summer salad and was apt for a weekend . Lived it.

Starters :



Malai Kebab – Soft Chicken with a mild Cream marinate served on a live sigree – loved the presentation and the taste , Grilled to perfection and well marinated. Could feel the cream oozing out from the Kebab when cut . Nicely done.


Chilli Cheese Toast- Marine plaza is known for its Chilli Toast and i would still prefer the old recipe which they used to have when served at the GEOFFREY , here the chef has focused on presenting it on a Focaccia Bread with a combination of Mozzarella and Mix processed cheese. Good.

Mains :



GRILLED BASA ON COUSCOUS – let me complement the chef for the presentation ( perfect ) , now coming to the dish , it was done properly but somehow missed out of the Dill Sauce which was enhanced with Capers and lemon ( the sauce was a miss for me as I found it a bit sour ) need to work on this – overall a nice one !!


SIKANDARI MURG -Minced Chicken stuffed in chicken breast with Saffron Gravy – Missed out on the saffron Flavour completely , maybe the Indian Spices did overpower the otherwise well done dish . did go well with the Naan. A good Indian dish – will order when at Marine plaza – nice texture and rich.


Baked Potato Gnocchi – Hats off to the chef for making a Gnocchi without eggs – it’s an art and a difficult task but he did it perfectly. Cherry Tomatoes , Yum and Squash reduction went well . Just a suggestion – Instead of Garnishing with Parmesan had there been thin slices would have made a difference . Anyway , the dish had a good texture and taste was good.




New addition in the Menu ( Pizza’s start at noon ) Nicely baked not thin , not pan , just in-between , will surely go well with the local’s as its loaded with cheese . It’s basically a Stone pizza which technically mean it would remain Hot for 10/12 minutes …Had a good texture – Asparagus/Onions/Olives/Zucchini went well .. freshly made could get the aroma of the Fresh dough. Liked it.




Mango sago Pudding – who would not want a mango dessert in May .. was good , not that sweet , just perfect . liked it .


Espresso Mousse Brownie – Frankly could have been better – the coffee mousse was very good but walnut brownie was a disaster ( too hard ) and dry ( chef please have a look ) Presentation – PICTURE PERFECT.

Overall – as i did mention to the chef , a couple of misses but a nice start to the weekend.

Dining at Marine plaza has always been a good experience as it was today !!

Will definitely visit again … And yes , the new menu looks very interesting … do TRY OUT.

Till my next Visit …. CHEERS !!

Ps. Would Have loved to sit in a cooler place , though the AC was good , it did not have that Impact as we were next to the window overlooking the Arabian sea and The Mumbai Heat does take a toll on the best of equipments used.

Thanks to the Staff and the management of The Marine Plaza.
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