Little Italy

Little Italy – Takes you back memory lane. Remember the first outlet which had opened in Pune. Since then It’s no looking back. That was then one of the only Place ( now a brand ) to serve authentic pizzas. Looking at Little Italy many have tried to copy it but failed , his place has still managed to keep up the Hype and at the same time the quality of food. All over India now , he does give you the consistency in some of their signature dishes like the Caesar Salad , Pizzas ….

Yes , they may have and Have started catering to the local crowd – compromising on the authenticity which was there THEN but even then the Ingredients used are Top Notch and the service ” A ” class.

I would be writing this review based on the Taste which caters to a certain pocket – But my favourites have not changed in taste for which its full marks.

Coming to the Salad :


Caesar Salad – My favourite then and now – Crisp lettuce leaves , beautifully dressed with a light Mayo with black olives and croutons and garnishes with Parmesan shaving … This has not changed , the freshness still remains and the taste ( nostalgic ) and correct for this time of the year. A very simple salad but made very well.




SPANICHI SALSA – The moment this came , i had to compare it with the BIG KAHUNA …. it did come NEAR. Thick Creamy Spinach Dip , good texture , a hint of Garlic served with Thin Crispy Toast ( loved the Toast ) Served Piping Hot and it was really good. A must have.


FUNGI TRIFOLOTI – This is the first time i have had Mushrooms at Little Italy and was impressed with the aroma and herb combination . sautéed mushrooms with rosemary with a ting of garlic. Nice.

There was a Sunday Buffet and they had a Lebanese Counter – Tabbouleh , this is one thing which i cannot resist , requested for a small serving – trust me they have managed to get the flavours correct which has the combination of Chopped Parsley, Mint , Bulgur olive oil , lemon juice and salt . Done well.




Waiting – Tried out 2 , one was the SICILIA ( Signature ) of Little Italy , nicely based and served Steaming Hot. Now this was very close to Authentic , they have 2 type of bases , the thin and the Think ( not that Thick ) ordered the Thick which done well , good Crust . Nice Combination of Fresh tomato sauce topped with Mushrooms , Pickled onions , sun dried Tomatoes , a dash of Chilli Oil , fresh basil and Mozzarella. Loved the Garlic which they used giving that good aroma and proportion of all the elements were perfect. Superb.

As i mentioned this Brand has a nostalgic feeling , never forget to leave without having :

OM – basic pizza which has always been my favourite – Fresh Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella. Baked well. Taste awesome , garnished with Parsley.




IMG_6684 PASTA BARBARECA – and it was RAVIOLI – wooh !! This was nailed to perfection and amsure a hit with the Locals. Nice Filling of Spinach/Cottage cheese , nicely done , rich Creamy Sauce add elements like Broccoli a ting of garlic enhancing the flavour sun dried tomatoes … overall a perfect dish .. Full Marks and a MUST ORDER at THIS VASHI OUTLET.




MANGO CHEESE CAKE – FRESH Cheese cake with mango compote served cold. Nice rich looking texture. Melted in the mouth. Yum.


TIRAMISU – they have 2 types of Tiramisu – with and without eggs , i tasted it with the egg , Trust me was surprised when i was told that it’s made IN-HOUSE – Just perfect ( good Portion ) always been an Italian Classic – Sponge cake soaked in rum and coffee sprinkled with chocolate powder. I loved it. Again freshly made desert , melted in the mouth.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE – LOVELY , had a great Sunday and i must Say that there are many outlets in Mumbai But the VASHI outlet stand out – décor was great , cool ambience , they had a formal sitting in one section and there was the buffet section where they have the Cane Furniture. Yes they also have Outdoor sitting which can be used as a small party. Lovely feel.

Do visit This outlet and i m sure you won’t regret it.

Cheers and have a lovely week ahead.
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