JUST AMAZING – That sums up the review .

But would like to add a bit more to it.

An amalgamation of neighbouring cultures , this place serves Traditional Burmese Vegetarian cuisine along with some of best selected Tea’s and merchandise which takes you to the timeless Burmese heritage in the modern light.


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RUKA – Japanese at its best. Ramee Guestline @ Juhu being transformed completely.

Ruka First , R-Adda and presume Rock Bottom under renovation.

Have been trying some amazing Sushi’s over the last 6 months or so – but undoubtedly without any hesitation would rate RUKA the best. As far as the ambience goes – its chic/class spacious with a Brilliant Sushi Bar and an equally well stocked Cocktail bar.


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Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Hill Road

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Perfect Name , Situated in Bandra , another perfect location chosen. Interiors well done. But Can and did get Noisy towards the end. A mix of Continental/Italian/Finger Food/Biryani/Pizza/Chinese hmm .. there is a saying ” Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth ” – In this case had the chef stuck to less variants in cuisine – maybe it would have been better.

Any Ways – The beers which we tasted were good , but at the end i preferred having the KOLSCH – smooth light and good. As far as Beer goes , personally feel there has to be a variation in the taste – at a certain point , the beers i tasted had a monotonous flavour . Still KOLSCH was the winner.

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MRP – Modern Asian Bistro

Kudos to the Kohli’s – Pritam Restaurant / Pritam Da Dhaba / Mid Town Pritam / Grandmama’s Cafe / PDT / The Roll Company and Now MRP – MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE / MY REGULAR PLACE – This is exactly what it meant to be. Apart from a Normal Cover Charge for food , You can Buy any Alcohol (imported) at MRP rate . Short simple and sweet and I presume this is Inclusive of Taxes.

Newly Opened or rather Officially opening today , this place is going to be another Grandmama’s Cafe – In other words this is a chill out hang out place which will rock as the word spreads out.


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One Street Over

One Street Over – Surely Blew me Over . Amazing Service , great Cocktails and one of the most delicious food i have had in recent times. I seriously don’t understand why such negative feedback , but for me this place was a winner. People have been debating if it’s a Bar / Lounge / Club – For me its a place where one can come , enjoy cocktails and have some good Bar Food .

The menu is not that elaborated but whet ever chef Boo Kim and Chef Kevin have put up , its apt for this place.

Ashutosh handling the bar has done a fantastic job and as far as Chef Kim , man hats off to this Chef , hospitality at its best . . Going to each and every table and taking a feedback which is truly appreciated in this competitive industry .


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Asia Kitchen By Mainland China

Asia 7 changed to Asia Kitchen by Mainland China. A brand from the house of Mainland China.
2 Outlets – Lower Parel and Oberoi Mall , New Menu , changed look , looks fresh and exiting.
Open Kitchen gives that gives a good look . Surprising that it comes Under the Chinese category but it’s a Pan Asian Cuisine. Liked the Cocktails what we were served. Coming to the Soup/Starters/Mains/Desserts .. Here we go :


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Barbeque Nation

Barbaque Nation – The moment this name pop’s up , it’s all about some Amazing food specially the grills which they serve. Multiple restaurants all over India and this has surely become a brand.

Live Grill –

Parsley Grill Veg

Caramelized Onion Mushrooms

Mango Cheese Paneer – This was really soft and good.

Charmulla Potatoe Wedges , and Tandoori Aloo – had good flavour and soft.

Cajun Spices Potato – Nicely done , loved it.

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