From the House of Charcoal Biryani comes this Italian Place Chilli Flakes.

I was frankly in two minds to visit Chilli Flakes as had mixed reviews from Charcoal.

Owned by ex 212 guys – could not go wrong when it comes to Italian.

Chilli Flakes has 2 outlets , one at Lower Parel ( small , no sitting ) another at dadar which has 4 tables + delivery. My first Impression as i entered the place was Good . Clean , nice Aroma of fresh food cooked. A small but yet wonderfully done menu which covers Bread, Pizzas, Salad, Burgers, Sliders, Pastas

Started with:




Garlic Dough Balls – will not call it dough balls , cause basically it were small buns which had a nice shine , cut in middle , filled with mozzarella and garlic. Trust me the presentation was just perfect and the taste YUM. Will come here to have this any time. Garnish of a bit of parsley which enhanced the flavours.





ROCKET LEAVES SALAD – Fresh , crispy , refreshing , light prefect combination of balsamic reduction which also had sun dried tomatoes , basil. Served with Small bun which was part of the salad cut into two which had a paste of Goat cheese. Now this combination was just amazing , as the balance of Pungent rocket , balsamic and goat cheese balanced the dish well. Fantastic.




The chef/Owner is known for its Pizzas and it’s must try here. 14″ thin but you can have a choice of half and half , in the sense you get a half pizza as well , there is a separate box for it.




This word takes you to another level and the get its gourmet touch to the pizza, the crust was done so well , thin , crispy which had fontel cheese and parsley. Fontel has that nutty and sweet flavour, Truffle has its own aroma. Some like it , some don’t. I love it and i loved it. Though they don’t have a wood wife but the pizza was fabulous.



This is another beauty which came out of the kitchen , again rich in aroma and tasted perfect , the shine , texture perfect , baked well , crisp . It makes a difference when they have oil put at the bottom while baking . you get the crispiness which many restaurants don’t do these days. Fontel/Goat/Buffalo mozzarella and a surprise BLUE CHEESE used as the 4th option which elevated the taste and gave that punch to the pizza and a good balance. a HIT.




Wooh !! This was spicy , the birds eye chillies went well with the BBQ sauce. Char Grilled chicken marinated well , roasted chillies and parsley. In fact i loved the contrast. The smokiness , sweetness and the spicy bird eye went well . as for the crust , nailed. Full marks.




SPAGHETTI AGLI E OLIO – I had dish to crack , and how well did the chef crack this , in fact NAILED it to perfection. I remember i had a similar taste some days back but the difference was the pasta. It was Angle Hair then and its Spaghetti here. Boiled well , not under not over … perfect and that’s the Key to get a good pasta. Slightly tossed with garlic chilli flakes and olive oil with a touch of grated parmesan cheese. Well done dish. LOVED IT. CHEF this is one dish which is stand out. Chicken went well.






Picture perfect , i bet if you would close your eyes and take a bite you would come to know if its Pork you having or Chicken sausage . Beautifully done. Bread was fresh. Had a dressing of Mayo and Mustard , the sauce was very diced onions/gherkins/and house sauce a mix of sweet and spicy. YUMMY.




PORK BELLY – Small , elegant , filling , fantastic. takes about 10 hours to get the pork to be pulled. and the end result YUM. Had that Smokey flavour sauce the buns had smoke cheese on it. ( these guys have used the best ingredients possible. BBQ sauce and smoke cheese does give a good balance to the pork. Loved it.

From what i heard from a co friend of mine that he had a chicken slider and the chicken was overdone. Since i have not or did not taste that i will not like to comment on that. From what i have had today , i will give a rating.

Overall :

F A N T A S T I C – keep it up and try to get angel hair pasta in the menu.

You guys rock !!

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