Aye Dios Mio

Aye dios Mio – Italian + Mexican + Home delivery + Cute place + Good Hindi Vintage Music + Nice Service. At the end of the day it stands for ” Oh My God ” there are a couple of other meanings as well to this.
3 partners , vegetarian Place , a Take away basically at marine lines but has a sitting of about 10 people and from the time we were there till we left it was busy with Orders Pouring in. Local Crowd must be …

Coming to what we had : Normally I end my review with a rating , but here i would give The Mexican food 4/5 and the Italian 2.5/5

A complete miss on the Italian and they need to work on that. pizzas a bit overdone. Pasta made good but the sauce went for a toss. I will not be including Italian in my review and focus on only Mexican.

Starters :


Mexican fries – I liked it . Paprika sauce French fries . with Sour cream and guacamole dip. The sour cream could have been better had it been thick and the Guacamole has a slight sour taste. ( please try and fine tune this dish) Fries fried perfectly Paprika sauce good balance. Liked it.

Classic Nachos – Home made nachos topped with cheese sauce , salsa , sour cream guacamole. None well. Missed out the Corn touch in the home made nachos. that texture of nachos was missing. But taste wise it was done well . Would have loved some beans and jalapeno , it would have taken this dish to another level.

Salad :


Garlic sauteed Salad : A warm salad basically , mushrooms slightly overdone which had the taste going for a toss .Other elements like Bell pepper baby corn zucchini broccoli French beans and cauliflower sauteed well . correct balance of garlic.



Black bean salsa soup – first look at it .. Fingers crossed but the first sip it was WOW. Refried beans mixed with tomato salsa made into a soup. Garnished with sour cream and Crushed tortillas. A bit more of the tortillas would have nailed this dish. But overall a good Soup. Served well piping hot. Different though !!

QUESO ITLIANO – A Mexican dish with an Italian name. Basil+ Mozzarella+ Olives+ Mushrooms+ Pesto sauce perfectly done and the soft tortillas with the stuffing of the above .. Great., Done perfectly. Distinct taste of Pesto and the Mozzarella oozing out .. winner. Yes NO OIL. As I said the Mexican is better than the Italian.



Spinach and Mushrooms – wooh !! great portion , nice presentation , filling dish . Tortillas sort wrapped with blanched spinach/Refried beans/ Mexican rice/Jalapeno /lettuce and cheese . it’s a dish which one may order. Served with Tomato salsa ( salsa is done well here)



Spicy Beans tacos : wow another dish which made me happy was the tacos , just perfectly made , correct quantity , balance of ingredients and correct flavours. Homemade tacos stuffed with refried beans / lettuce / tomato salsa and romaine lettuce ,portion just about perfect . The tacos could have been a bit crunchy but overall a good dish to have.


Sinful Chocolate Cake – home made and how well have they nailed this dish .. just perfect.

Gooey chocolate / ganache icing / sponge cake – can’t stop having one bit. Wonderful.

I have not reviewed Pizzas cause the trust was like a biscuit and the sauce a bit sweet ( indianised )the Gnocchi needs some fine tuning and the Farfalle Paprika ( though the farfalle was cooked well) the sauce missed out on that aroma which i was looking for !!

Maybe my next visit and i would just try the Italian and Rate that.

Overall a nice place to either take away or have a quick sit down.

Go for the Mexican and try out the Italian ( maybe my taste buds had a day off as far as the Italian cuisine was concerned )

All the best guys .. I guess its 2 years + which means this place has its own clientele and regulars.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers !!

Would have given a 3.25 , since it’s not on Zomato , it’s a 3.5 from me.

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