Falafel’s BAD day at the office !! Service not good , Full of attitude arrogance and to top it , to FIND a Hair in the Caramelized Onion in one of the dishes – That’s Falafel’s .

On reporting the same to the manager , just a half hearted reply ” SORRY ” that’s all about it.
My last Review for Falafel’s i had rated this place a 2.5 , unfortunately today the food was bad , service was pathetic so it’s a Minus 1 and a half from my last review = 1.

Don’t want to go in details about the dishes , will just give a small brief of 4 things we had.


FRIRECRACKER CHICKEN WRAP – nothing great , Tortilla wrap , chicken was juicy , hummus , jalapeño , firecracker sauce ( Chipotle , Mayo ) just about ok .. tasted more like a mango chutney sauce. Poor.


TURKISH TOSTADA – i had loved this dish and had mentioned that i would be visiting Falafel’s for Turkish Tostada the next time . Cheese chilli flakes baked well a mix of mozzarella and Cheddar and refried beans . good.


Mango Yogurt Shake – now when there is yogurt as an ingredient it automatically becomes a smoothie . why call it a shake ? Anyways nor there was a taste of Mango and Nor Yogurt , BLEND completely failed.


BBQ FALAFEL – This dish has put the rating to 1 , hair in the caramelized onions. don’t want to describe it.

Overall – I would be avoiding this place henceforth.
Wish you guys the best … !!
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