Tea Trails

Tea Trails – Nice Tea cafe’s and Bistro concept in India. 13 Branches Since 2013 and adding more . soon this would be known as a brand or already has established itself as one.

After some extensive research by the owners Tea Trails have managed to put together about 75+ varieties of teas + some Good Food in their menu.

The outlet where we had been was a vegetarian outlet but from what we came to know that they did manage to get permission to get the egg items in place.

Teas from all around the world is a hallmark of tea trails . The food is a mix and specialises in some tea infused dishes like The Burmese Tea salad , Tea Marbled Eggs , Tea Infused Thai bowl etc.

Aim of the Company is to go up to 500+ outlets by 2020 and the way they are spreading their wings i personally feel they will reach this magical Figure.

Kala Goda – Compact place , nice ambience. Two sections of sitting inside has the Air conditioning and outside you can feel the Mumbai Heat till it rains but the management has planned to get the outside portion to be AC ASAP .

Menu is researched well and put in place covering most of the dishes from Quick Bites to Fillers to Salads , Soups and Desserts . just a couple of dishes which are a meal by itself. Would love if that increases.

Teas and Food Combination :



Silver Needle – White tea , Darjeeling , premium tea mild went well with Bun Maska. When we talk Bun Maska its always Chai and Bun Maska . Difficult to get over the concept Tea and Bun Maska . anyways , coming to The Bun maska – was nice , Buttery with sugar quoting on top. went well.

Kashmiri Kahwa (Kahwah) traditional green tea consumed more in Afghanistan , northern Pakistan and some regions of central Asia and the Kashmir valley. Prepared using boiling green tea with saffron strands , cinnamon bark , cardamom pods basically has a great aroma. Just a Hint of sugar or honey and if you want to take it to another level very thin almond flakes which tea trails have managed to incorporate in this tea. Nice Flavour. Rich. Unfortunately we don’t have that climate to have a Kahwah In mumbai.


Now this was Served with Burmese tea salad – another dish which is light full of flavour and presented well. Interestingly made by using crispy lettuce leaf with roasted nuts ( peanuts) and the Dal gave that crunchiness to the whole dish . good . Infused with fermented green tea . Sesame dressing added elevated the dish , other ingredients cabbage/tomatoes/garlic/peanuts. wow.


Olive & Green tea Bruschetta -Tapenade ( French) but indianized a bit but did have ingredients bell pepper , olives , tomatoes topped over French loaf. Loved the softness of the bread and freshness and overall the dish. Again it was infused with Green tea. Some may like it some may not as just the green tea taste was a bit bitter or Pungent Since i am a tea love , i loved the overall dish .. full marks.

Blooming Tea – Now this was exiting. hand woven green tree which blossoms into a big flower at certain temperature . A gourmet affair this as the Tea is expensive and makes a litre. Unless you are 4+ people do not order or if you are an extreme Tea lover go for it.


Smoked Paneer Sandwich – served with Potato wedges and pickles – nicely done , Smokey flavour from the BBQ marination with caramelised onions. Balance was nice and the flavours complimented each other , though i would have loved the Paneer to be a bit soft . Taste wise good .


Lapsong Souchong – This goes well with the Smoked Paneer Sandwich – A Black tea of Fujian province in china. According to sources it’s supposed to be the first black tea in the history , even earlier then the Keemun Tea. How Far it is true we do not know. It has that Smokey flavour as the leaves are smoke -dried over pinewood fire hence the smokiness. Expensive tea. also referred as the smoked Tea. Since it has the Smokey flavour it did go well with the Paneer.

Lychee Bubble Tea – something different , give a small kid this drink or tea and he will be busy the whole day. Fruit bubbles bursting on every sip you take , that’s fun and interesting . Hard to believe but that was what it was . Had a good flavour of lychee and fruit . loved it.


Green Tea Hummus – NAILED this .. just fantastic , no need to describe , just order this whenever you happen to be at TEA TRAILS , amazing texture , Correct amount of olive oil , rich , tangy taste – the infusion of Green tea does give an added aroma to the Hummus . Sprinkled with Red Chilli powder , parsley and OLIVE . Correct portion of Garlic . YUM. Served with Grilled PITA bread , perfect combination.


Cheese Corn Tikki – waiting for the Monsoons and this would have been the correct dish to have , nevertheless it was made well ( special Monsoon menu ) batter fried Corn patty stuffed with Cheddar ( had it been a salty cheese this dish would have been to another level ) a bit blend to my taste , just that hint of Black pepper . Nicely done crispy served with sweet chilly dip (again would have loved something different to get that salty pungent taste) Guys please take a look into this .


Onion Pakoda – Monsoon special and yes it was special , just made brilliantly. Crispy from Outside and moist from inside. an art making Pakoda , served with coriander chutney which was spicy and just perfect . sprinkle of ghati masala ( garlic coconut) went well. One thing i noticed was beneath each Pakoda they had a tamarind sauce when made the dish a bit sweet and a mix of the garlic coconut powder and the Coriander spicy chutney is when you get the correct balance . sweet , spicy , tangy , crispy .. wow. !!


Kullad Chai – Now comes the Chai ( indian Taste ) and it’s a comfort zone for most of the people. Masala Chai served in kullad .


Matcha Soup – One needs to develop the taste for matcha . Liked the Combination of the soup . Broccoli + Matcha but the dominant flavor was Matcha . Served with Garlic bread. Ok


3 Cheese risotto – Gruyere ( sweet and salty at the same time) mozzarella and parmesan risotto . short grain rice perfect served with green tea butter sauce which had a bit of Olives . Nice aroma . good presentation.

Last but not the least , The new dish which contained Eggs


EGG FRIED RICE – Schezwan sauce was a miss , but nicely done . good presentation , not oily , a bit blend , thinly sliced omelette with veggies .. Could have been better.

Apart from this 3 desserts


Dutch Truffle / Black forest and Red Velvet .. OK

Overall verdict

Nice relaxing place , lot of choice over a cup of teas and some amazing food .

would personally recommend this place to all . ambience is good and the service is TOP notch.

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