GUSTOSO = Tasteful . And yes it was Tasteful. Forgetting the past let’s concentrate in the Present. Gustoso is here to stay .. Nice Feel , good vibe , Positive Ambience , Good Service , Wood Fire Pizza , Fully Stocked Bar , some great Italian food . What else does one want !!

The Small Party room will be the key to this place ..Say 20/25 !!

Consulting Chef, Giulio Adriani has done a good job in having some great dishes in place and focused a lot on the Vegetarian food ( Kemps Corner )

Arja Shridhar the Co owner , Thanks for hosting us . It was a pleasure meeting you.

Friday – the place was packed , most of them Locals , bumped into some familiar faces .

Coming to what we had :


Skipped The Soup and the salad ..


ARANCHINI – Crispy Arborio ( Italian short Grain rice ) when cooked the grains are chewy , creamy which gives you that starchy texture. Coming back to the dish Arborio Rice balls stuffed with Mushroom , Mozzarella and saffron .. served with Truffle Aioli ( aioli is a whisk of mayo , sour cream , Garlic , truffle oil , lemon zest ) Nice balance to the dish … Liked it .


INVOLTINI DI POLLO – Picture perfect , nice subtle flavour – sliced chicken breast roll , stuffed with mozzarella and sauteed Broccoli placed over lemon mint sauce . Chicken was perfectly cooked , Juicy soft – lemon mint sauce balanced the flavour . Nice start to the evening.

GUSTOSO is all About Naples and when you hear Naples its all about Pizza . .



TARTUFO – Simple yet full of Aroma , beautifully baked ( since the temperature of the wood fire is around 410/430) it takes around 60/80 seconds for the Pizza to be done … Good even crust .. Aroma of Truffle oil. Mozzarella +Ricotta Salata ( Italian cheese made from sheep ) + Arugula ( rocket salad ) nice combination ..


MARGARITA – Always a signature dish at any place which serves pizza from Naples , San Marzano tomato ( guess) sauce , mozzarella , fresh basil and olive oil . Nice texture ..




TAGLIATELLE DEL CONTADINO – Homemade pasta with chicken , cherry tomatoes and rocket salad. Simple yet full of aroma. Nicely done , Perfectly boiled . Each Bite of Cherry Tomatoes gives that juicy feel to the dish. Good.


SPAGHETTI LIMONE E TARTUFO – Different !! lemony fresh , rich , creamy just perfect . Nice work Chef to have made something like this …. Again a very simple yet fresh .. No Rocket Science …. Creamy lemon and Truffle oil sauce . Picture perfect . Nicely presented . Wow !!


GNOCCHI ALLA SORRENTINA – did i miss out on the potatoes here ? This could have been better. Homemade gnocchi with tomato sauce and Scamroza ( very similar cheese to Mozzarella ) OK.


RISOTTO FUNGI E TARTUFO – When it comes to risotto its either a HIT or a MISS . This was Brilliant. Arborio rice cooked perfectly giving that starchy texture served with Portobello Mushrooms ( Mature mushrooms ) with a lovely Aroma of Truffle Oil.




TIRAMISU – Coming to an Italian restaurant and Not having a Tiramisu .. Not done !

You will Love it .. Not to miss !

Overall – Had a Fantastic evening , as i mentioned in the beginning this place is surely going to ROCK

DO VISIT ASAP and get the feel of Nice Fresh Italian Cuisine !!

Have a lovely weekend .. Cheers !!

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