Lolita – You guys Rock !! Yes that’s the name of the owner who started this Desi Deli Concept 6 months ago , and since then it’s no looking back !! There will be a time i wish when we this place would have its own land mark rather than people mentioning its Opposite to so and so restaurant.

Had it not been a trip to Germany , had she not tried the burgers , had she not experimented different types of burgers and buns Desi Deli would not have happened .

This Is a small story about the owner , who basically had her own production company into add making and short films a total foodie loved looking and today she has this lovely concept called Desi Deli.

In short it’s all about making our DESI food delicious and she has nailed it.

What i understand that most of the ingredient are sourced or made in house.

This place serves some amazing Breakfast as well .

Great names on the menu – Amar/Akbar/Anthony/Jungli Dog/The Champ/Wild Thing ……

Coming to what we had :


Started with the DESI DOG …. Hot dog with a Desi twist ( all the desi dogs are served with a House desi salad which is just amazing)

The Sanoran Desi (Chicken – Sausage) Who ever the baker is , must complement him cause the bread which was used was so fresh and light … good taste , perfect combination of beans , hara ( green) salsa , fresh tomatoes , papaya and generous portion of sour cream and Mayo. Loved it.


Jungli Dog – Fiery mutton (mass) topped with red peppers roasted caramelized onions and mint. My initial bite of good the mutton which i got was just YUM .. very soft but the last piece or bite i personally got a very very chewy part of the mutton . Hope it’s a one off thing !! Taste wise it was good , balanced flavors and spicy.

Burgers – DD is famous for some good burgers as well :


Tangy Chic Burger – Good ( chicken 65 or paneer 65 is a very common dish used in indian restaurants – still can’t figure out what’s 65 all about) anyways The restaurant had its own version of 65 a tangy spicy burger , great filling , tender chicken pieces and yum . Served with Salli Potato wafer .. that’s something interesting. Try this and you will like it.


I am not a Bacon person but was told to try out this dish called Bacontata ( batata+bacon = Becontata)

Hardly remember having tasted Bacon before but this side dish blew me out .. wow

Just that Crispiness of bacon was just about perfect used as a coat over the potatoes , served with Sour cream sauce . That Rosemary used as a garnish went well with it.

Entrees :


Desi Veggie Shtoo ( stew) Good combination of veggies mild spiced stew with coconut flavor. Served with Bread. Very refreshing and not that heavy.


The Great Greek – WOW !! a must try dish at Desi Deli , Lemon scented greens tossed in rice topped with the softest paneer i have ever tasted . It’s basically a Parsi delicacy ( now available in many stores) Also Known as Topli na Paneer (mora) good flavors – just loved this dish and it’s a must order.



DESI CREME BRULEE – Nailed this one .. full marks !! The Cracking sound and it was like yes ! Perfect and the first bite it was full was pistachio flavor and the tiny in your mouth. Not that sweet and very light which is good . In short the star of the day so far … It has to be tried. And yes its Gluten free …


Trucker Tycoon – This is a complete desi swist of mascarpone oozing out from the garam garam toast with clocolate layer ( guess it may be nutella ) heavy , calories ? YES !! But worth it. Desserts are sure winners at Desi Deli .

What else !!! Day was made … being a weekend , head to desi deli to have some great Mix of desi food with a western touch deliciously made and enjoy the suggestions and the hospitality of the owner as he makes it a point to visit each and every table for the orders and the feedback and suggestions.

Definitely worth recommending …. Enjoy , cheers !!

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2 thoughts on “DESI DELI

  1. Aditya

    Hello sir,
    I am coming to Mumbai with my family in Mumbai for 5 days from 21st to 25th of March. Is there anyway where we could meet for a meal?/it would be a privilege to share notes with the #1 foodie on zomato…
    Aditya Jambhekar, Ahmedabad.


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