The White Owl – Brewery & Bistro

The White Owl – As Far as the Beers are Concerned , Its Full Marks , but unfortunately the food was a complete let down. Have tried all the beers and just stick to one ” ACE ” It’s basically a French Apple Cider with a touch of mild Champagne Flavour. Smooth and subtle.
Place is located at India Bulls at lower Parel and its a Hit among the locals , Interiors nicely done , cool vibe , Wish the food.
Directly coming to what we ordered in food –

Gourmet Popcorn


Nice innovation , 3 flavours – Parmesan cheese and Chives ( something new and interesting )
The firecracker – supposed to be Spicy hot but lacked that ” Hype ”
The Bombay Masala – this was the best as it had that Chatpatta taste which went well with the Beer.


CRISP SASAME CHICKEN – Batter fried chicken ( sesame ) flavour with lettuce/Red Chilies in honey soya dressing – surprising element was cucumber. Was good though !!



PARSLEY & CHICKPEAS FLITTERS – another name for falafel , just about ok . missed that tanginess – monotonous taste after you have a couple , missed the Lebanese pickles which would have given a hit to the taste buds.


Fish & Fries – OILY missed out on the fries ( when you say fish and fries ) try get both the things together or don’t give that name . Presentation Zero . Saving Grace TARTER sauce.


VERDURE FLATBREAD – This was a disappointment , Thin flatbread ( which was so hard to break ) loaded and overpowered with veggies .. Pathetic . when one eats the flat bread the crust and the veggies have to be together , here the moment you try breaking it the crust separates and the veggies. Guys please get this Correct .


TOSTADA – BLEND ( whatever combination you have tried get the dish to be tasty )


JALAPENO PEPPERS – Tried finding even the diced pieces of jalapeno , no flavor. Blend again Even the local restaurants nail this dish . This is all about the texture once you cut or have the small jalapeno peppers – either the cheese should be oozing or has to have some flavour . Both were missing – get a correct combination of cheese!!



ROASTED PUMPKIN RAVIOLI – i seriously do not understand how this dish can be without cream or sauce. Honey used , sweet Beurre Noisette ( Brown butter ) Pasta was overdone , hard , Missed out on this as well.


SUN DRIED TOMATOES & ASPARAGUS RISOTTO – Texture less . Overloaded with Crumple , creaminess missing , taste may be good but this is not risotto all about , has to be smooth creamy rich , a waste of parmesan and mascarpone.


BASIL INFUSED GRILLED CHICKEN – mix and match , too many flavours , no balance to the dish . Sweet , sour and herby …. something’s wrong.



Conclusion :
Beers – F A N T A S T I C
Food – P A T H E T I C


ps. also tried the house beer Pani Puri ( the moment beer goes into the puri its fizzy ) the taste of other elements go for a toss .

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