Uba Tuba

Nice to See a Stand-Alone Mexican Casual Dining restaurant In Bandra.

A bit like a Tex-Mex chain as far as service is concerned. Nice Offerings such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos and some great Juices and Smoothies, keeping mind the prices.

Nicely designed menu. Full Marks to Shardul , Vernon and his team to put up this Mexican joint which was required so badly in Mumbai.

Just had a 5 minute conversation with Shardul ( one of the owners) about the Sourcing of the products and the concept,. was told that most was the products are procured locally which is a great thing.

A 35 seater restaurant has an outside sitting as well as a small sitting area in the A.C section which is where the open kitchen is.

Uba Tuba looks Vibrant with geometric patterns in electric blue, yellow and green that pop against the black interiors. Looks Good this place.

Coming to what we had : Juices/Smoothies.


MARIACHI MORNING (RS 170) Orange , Lemon , Ginger – Had a good taste , freshness and with the Ginger added that extra zip to the Juice.

PENELOPE’S CRUISE – Pineapple , apple , orange – Good


NUTELLA PEANUT – Wow a great Smoothie ( Must Order ) perfect blend of the yogurt to that the right thickness what a smoothie requires , a distinct taste of Nutella aand the Peanut . Full marks .


Salad : FRIDA SAYS KHALO ( still wondering who Frida is !!) a nice , fresh salad , good portion , Avacado , Bell Peppers , Red Beans , Romaine , sweetcorn , Cherry tomatoes , Monterey Jack cheese chipotle dressing . Interesting . you get the crunchy nachos bites each time you have a spoon .IMG_1563IMG_1567

Tacos : We had a mix of the Veg and the Non veg soft tacos and I must give full credit on the Soft Flour Tortillas made . Tried the Creamy Roasted Zucchini , Stir Fry Veg , Abodo Mushrooms , Grilled Chicken , Barbacoa Mutton .
Personally liked the Zucchini and Stir Fried Veggies and Chicken . Overall it was a balanced Mix which is worth trying to get different flavours.


Smokey Chipotle Bean Dip with Nachos @ 195/= A nice Dip topped with sour Cream and Cilantro. I personally feel that the dip should have been thick and that would have made a difference and get the taste of the Bean ( not that there wasn’t) but …


Burritos : WOW – full marks to this . Good portion , nicely wrapped with flour tortillas with Lime Cilantro rice , beans , cheese , bell peppers , guacamole (a bit less) Sour cream with Fajita Stir fry Veggies and Verde Sauce ( Must order)


TRES LECHES CAKE ( three milk bread) : great presentation ( pic Uploaded) this was Mind blowing. very soft , melts in the mouth a bit sweet but Very light cake not soggy despite being soaked in mixture of 3 types of milk.
Tres leches also known as pan tres leches ( Three milks bread) sponge or a butter cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. WOW must order.

Service : VERY VERY FAST , please slow down . Let the customer finish his first dish and then get the other . By getting 2/3 dishes at a time the taste buds will feel that all the dishes are having the same taste.

To sum it up – I would personally wish to see more of Sour cream , Cheese , Guacamole visible in the Mexican dishes.

I bet there would be feedbacks to give an Indianised touch to some of the dishes which i though it was , but please stick to the basics Guys and i bet you will rock .
Recommend this place to my fellow friends. do Give it a try .

Another Frank submission , I would have given this place a 3.75 but since there is no in between , its a 4/5. ( Zomato – if you a hearing me .. this 3.5 to 4 is a bit tricky)

Would Visit again.
Cheers !!

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