Asado to Asado – The Cocktail Bar . And how well it has changed , obviously for the good.

Brainchild of Trimaan Chandok , equally supported by Raj Pandey , Asado will always remain in the heart of Lovers who like alcohol and some good food.

Concept is simple – Spanish street food + Cocktails = Cocktail Street.


The ambiance is quiet creative and has a Spanish touch with imaginative lights , clear blue sky , hand painted walls recreating a latino town , fake birds on fake lamp posts. However the outdoor sitting is much more casual and relaxed.
( this has all been said in most of the reviews , don’t want to go into much details )

One of the reviews also mentions Latin-American fine dine but have some Italian and Japanese in the menu .
Who cares , my experience at Asado was just amazing . Great Hospitality , Amazing service , friendly , full of energy . what more you want.

Appreciate the hard work put in by Raj Pandey with the help of the Chef Bejon ( hope i got the name correct and the owner ) to get this Cocktail menu just about correct. It’s basically an amazing menu ranging from Beer cocktails to Tiki to Zinger to Bourbon to the classics and trust me each cocktail might be having a story behind it. To get a final product of about 50/55 out of 200 odd , hats off to the these guys.

First of its kind to make cocktail in front of you , on your table , now this is something that will be remembered by all.

Coming to some amazing Cocktails we had :


TIki Mexicana – Would have loved to have that Cow Boy Hat as a souvenir , amazing Presentation . Great Bar Tending skill shown . a mix of Rum and Tequila with cranberry/orange juice giving that sweet and sour taste.


Zinger Cocktail – As i mentioned one of the only places to have started this concept wherein the entire cocktail is prepared on your table. Pick your main spirit ( Rum/Vodka/trquila) i chose Vodka. The cocktail is zinged in front of you. A mix of fruits and basil crushed , you smell and the bartender would prepare the cocktail using all these elements. A pleasure to watch and tasted even better.

Mr.Mani Raj (Manager) was outstanding and frequent visits by him and recommendations helped us choose the right cocktai/foodl and since i had mentioned i was a beer lover he Suggested that i go for :


Chilikano/Michelada – wow my day was made ( got my beer quota of the day) . I was warned by the bartender this would be spicy and IT WAS. Michelado is a Mexican Cervezo ( Carvezo is spanish for beer) with Lime Juice , assorted sauces , spices and peppers. Beautifully presented in a small fish bowl , lots of ice and the taste was absolutely amazing.

Raj Pandey Suggested that he himself would prepare a whiskey based drink for us and how wonderfully he prepared the HYDE & SEEK – Bourbon Whiskey , fresh Rosemary , Celery infusion. This did give me a kick the moment i had my first sip.

Mr.Pandey hats off to you sir giving a killer of a drink AND another followed which was called



Mohito Latino -A perfect Mohito with rum , mint , lime but the latin twist to it . SPICY it was. Jalapeño crushed giving that spicy flavor to it. Worth every sip.

As far as the cocktail goes it’s a full 5/5 … presentation/service/quality/quantity …..



Started with the Truffle Mushroom Cream – Very good , rich in texture and flavours were just correct.


Healthiest Quinoa Salad – Chili Lime vinaigrette & Guacamole – WOW just one word to describe it.


Fiery Habanero BBQ Chicken served with Fries – Habanero ( a variery of chili pepper) and its HOT. Again a great presentation , chicken cooked to perfection and with the habanero sauce it was a treat to eat.


Tex-Mex loaded potato Skin – Baked potato topped with asparagus , corn , Olive , jalapeno , tomato and cheese . I loved this dish – do order when at Asado – The Cocktail Street.


Steamed Balanese Chicken Satay The word Satay takes you to Malaysia – ( Balanese , interesting an Indonesian cuisine) added to the menu , presentation , taste . I enjoyed this dish. Full of aromatic lemon flavors , fresh tender chicken steamed inside a banana leaf.


Green Mole Parmesan Chicken – basically a Flauta or you can call it a Taquito ( its basically a rolled raco but in this case it was flat) topped with the Chicken. Frankly i would have used less of the chicken. This was just OK.


Quesadilla ( sauted mexican vegies) served with salsa , guacamole , beans – Very good

By This time we were completely full but Host they are , amazing , Mani Raj got me this amazing


BBQ chicken flat bread ( Pan Plano in Spanish or some use the word Coca which is Pizza in Spanish) – Basically like a thin and crispy pizza topped with smoked chicken , chili flakes , onion , BBQ sauce , Chedder cheese & parmesan – it was just amazing , you have to order.

There came another stunning looking dish :


Comes under the section of Lava Stone Grilled : Holoumi Cottage cheese, bell pepper, onions, zucchini with spicy sauce ( can’t remember the name) with mashed potato and corn on the cob. It’s basically like grilling a steak on stone but in this case it was the Veg version . the chef nailed this dish . full marks , loaded with flavours , very rich texture and picture perfect , Yum in taste , winner all the way.

Last but not the least Dessert tho banta hai sir were the words of Mr.Mani Raj who came up with a very good looking :


Banoffee Pie or you can call it a Banoffee Tart (basically an english dessert made from banana , cream and toffee on a pastry base) and this had all the elements to it , well presented and good taste . I personally would have liked it a bit soft , not that it wasn’t but have had better Banoffee Pie.

Overall a perfect evening , amazing food , cocktails ,hospitality what more do u want ….. a good sleep which i had !!

Surely recommend this place to all my friends.


To the entire team of Asado – The Cocktail Street —— You guys have been a great Host . Thanks to the entire team and wishing you the best ..
Will be back Soon …CHEERS !!


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