Fat Man’s Cafe & Grill

Fat Mans Cafe – had heard a lot about this place. 2 outlet’s one at the Reclamation and the at Juhu. The Juhu outlet is kind of a cafe Bistro which serves alcohol as well. Since the Pizza Festival was on, was looking forward to it.

Interesting place, on the 3rd floor , not very compact , tends to fill up post 9 pm that’s when the crowd of that area comes out. ( No offence ) just sharing my experience !

Coming straight to food :





STUFFED PIZZA – Freshly done dough , pizza stuffed with some minced chicken and spinach and sausages. Perfectly baked . Nice flavour of tomato sauce as a base and topped with mozzarella cheese . Balance of herbs was good and the aroma was just about fine . Price ( a bit high ) but this can easily be shared by 2 as the stuffing was very generous . Loved it.


MARGARITA – all time favorite . Took time to prepare but when it came it was picture perfect with the base / crust done perfect . Homemade tomato sauce – not very sweet nor tangy , just correct and generous portion of Mozzarella. Garnishes with Basil which gave that added flavour. As far as Pizza’s and the pizzas festival it’s a winner.




TOASTED TOMATO – would have loved it had it been a bit thick and creamy , flavours were good . Garlic and bell pepper were the basic elements which hit you on every SIP ( chef a bit Thick this will take it to another level )




ROASTED BEETROOT AND CARROT – well Balanced dressing , feta in orange honey dressing . Had my doubts when we ordered this salad but turned out to be good . Walnuts giving that crunchiness in most of the bits . a balanced combination of Carrot/beetroot/ lettuce.



CHEESE FRIES – lacked the punch but herbs ere perfect. Done well , generously loaded with cheese , melted well. Served with Spicy Mayo dip.


GRILLED HONEY MUSTARD PRAWNS – Served COLD hence could not get the correct balance of mustard and honey. a bit chewy ( cold )


CHICKEN DOUGH BALLS – Loved this dish , Dough balls stuffed with a generous portion of paprika infused minced chicken and basil . A bit spicy which took the dish to a nice level , went well with the Herb Butter dip.


BEER BATTER FISH AND CHIPS – a bit oily , French fries perfect . Still trying to figure out how they managed to get that AIRY crispy beer batter !! RAWAS tasted ok served with Tartar sauce.



Overall – this place is quiet interesting . has lot of choices , but do take advantage of the PIZZA festival and go for it. Even otherwise the food is Decent .

SERVICE – perfect.


Cheers !!

Fat Man's Cafe & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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