The Good Wife

The Good Wife ? what’s this name all about ? After my visit Perfectly Understand who ” THE GOOD WIFE ” is all . THIS IS IT !!

Difficult to describe this place, but in one word i would just say FANTASTIC. Has that Vibe , Energy , Class , Feel , Looks …. Some may call it a fine dine , a semi fine dine … For me it’s a casual chill out place though a bit high on the pricing but at the end of the day … it’s a great Feeling !!

Weekday and to see this placed packed – amazing !

It’s all about some great Cocktails , can’t go wrong when you have mixologist Dimitri Lezinska on board.

Just like to point of its got a how is it listed in the Italian category on Zomato.

Chef Hitesh and Manager Sukul know how to keep their guests happy be it with food / Hospitality / service , for that matter the entire staff of Good wife.

I shall come to the Cocktails Later ,let’s start with Salad/Starters …..

Yes – They have introduced some New dishes and look interesting.




GOOD WIFE CEASER SALAD – crunchy , fresh perfect Caesar dressing set the tone for some awesome food and cocktails to come. Lettuce/cherry tomato/garlic croutons ( enhanced the dish) grated Parmesan was just perfect to that that added flavour. Perfect.




ARTICHOKE AND BELL PEPPER BRUSCHETTA – toasted bread correct amount of Basil and Olive oil garnished with a Basil Leaf .. taste ..perfect .. very light and fresh ..loved it ….


TRUFFLE PARMESAN FRIES – the moment you see this in the menu , you have to compare it with Masala Bar , Fries nicely done , could have made a difference had it been a bit crisp ( missed out on that) flavours – yum …Topped with Parmesan and Chives which were distinct .. Aroma of truffle oil (wow) served with Mayo with truffle Oil ( Truffle oil and it becomes a gourmet dish) and mustard dip .. nice combination .


PERI PERI CALAMARI – again would have loved the batter fried squids to be a bit crispy … overall fantastic but they 20 seconds extra frying would have nailed the dish – served with peri peri dip ( nice )


PRAWNS KATAFI – Aha !! This is one of the best i have had in recent times .. minced prawns mixed with Phyllo ( giving that Lebanese touch and look to It) Golden brown , perfect , No oil – winner by miles.

Served with Harissa Mayo Dip ( again an innovation ) went well with the Prawns .. also had the lemon grass flavour in the prawns – so technically it becomes a Lebanese Thai dish.


SMOKED SCARMOZA TOSTADA – first i thought it was puri then realized it was a flat bread .. brilliant presentation .. light , fresh , healthy – Sour cream / Refried beans / salsa .. the garnish of bean sprout was clever , got that crunchiness to the dish and the freshness ..lovely !!


CRISPY QIONOA SLIDERS – again a surprise .. we have heard of many types of sliders but QUINOA came as a surprise , was bit skeptical till i tasted it and BANG – it was on target -quinoa patty cooked perfectly , lettuce and Mayo added to the flavour — clever dish.


POTATO AND GOAT CHEESE GNOCCHI – again a challenging dish to nail and it was – juicy , soft , smooth – served with Mustard dip – garnished with Parmesan …Golden brown – melted in the mouth ( must order )


HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN WINGS – cooked and seasoned to perfection – Chicken tender moist served with Mustard dip …. The mustard in the Chicken gave that Pungent flavour to the dish taking it to another level – loved it.




GRILLE CHICKEN PRAWNS – Served with Risotto and Asparagus … reminded me of a dish at the Daily Bar .. anyway coming back to this one , Prawns were fresh , great catch jumbo size .. good use of herbs and Italian spices .. Saffron was the stand out element which was cleverly used by the chef in the rice – wow !


CHICKEN GUYDON – ( Guydon ? Japanese ? ) yes Gyu means beef and Don means served on top of the rice — but here instead of Beef it was Chicken and how well has the chef managed to pull out a great dish. Marinated Chicken with flavours of soya/Ginger and honey Giving that touch of sweetness to the dish .. served with Jasmine rice – nice combination – perfect ( at the end it was a sweet spicy flavour)


THAI SPICE GRILLED CHICKEN – chicken and shiraz wine — just think …. glazed to perfection ( spicy reduction) , texture perfect ..served with rice which was again full of aromas as it was coconut lemon grass which complimented well .. another winner …

PAN ROASTED SNAPPER – did not try it but was told it was hasty and healthy.


SPINACH FETTUCCINE – looked just about perfectly .. Arugula ( rocket leaves) and spinach paste pasta tossed with broccoli and some bell peppers and some Buffalo Cheese. Again perfect shine texture taste as the fresh basil gave elevated the dish ( yes the pasta was house made) hallmark of a great restaurant.


FUSSILI PASTA – just loved this to the core … again in house made pasta boiled to perfection tossed with broccoli/Zucchini and olives but loved the Pink Sauce which had a creamy rich cheesy texture ..this has to be tried at the Good Wife . garnished with olives. wow !!




SALTED CARAMEL CRÈME BRULEE – SALTED ? Just a hint to rock salt made this a different dish .. set to perfection , got that crunchy feel when it broke , not that sweet , creamy and rich , served with Biscotti again well done.


CHOCOLATE FONDANT – i don’t describe the best – go there and check it .. and yes it was yum … Molten Chocolate/chocolate cake/vanilla ice cream ( now get your minds ticking) or better just visit GOOD wife to have this lovely rich dessert .. its worth.




THE GOOD WIFE – a signature cocktail and a must try – base vodka with some Canpari/Rasberry/Passion Fruit and here they have this citrus spray to give the aroma – perfect drink ..fresh .. yes the Orange does balance the bitter Campari making the drink smooth.


ESPRESSO MARTINI – Have tried this drink last couple of months over 15 places .. the best of the best but i can close my EYES and VOUCH this was the best i have had – Again a VODKA base with Kahlua Liqueur. Nailed this one !! Hats off to the bar tender.


APPLE MARTINI – citrus / vodka based with green apple .. very good ..

Other cocktails we had were Mrs Robinson / Pink Lady

Raspberry Bellini – this is again something different , normally we have a regular Bellini but raspberry & Sparkling gives a different feeling and takes you a new high !!

Bloody Married ( good wife ? ) interesting … anyway the name of the drink is bloody married ..and yes it’s a classic – vodka , bloody Mary mix with a dash of Nutmeg – Class

How do i sum Up this place :

Would love to visit this place every day , just for that positive vibe and unwind … Brilliant again as i said – a must visit.

Cheers and have a great week ahead .. see you guys soon !!

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