Ramee Guestline – Completely revamping irs look , some amazing changes taking place . first it was RUKA and Now R ADDA – trust me this is while i write this review the most trending and HAPPENING place in that part of the world. The Who’s Who have started visiting this place and its hardly 2 weeks+ and buzzing.

Completely Chill out place , either to Unwind or Have a sheesha . You can get a lounge feel post 11 pm with some amazing music and events.

Great food and amazing Cocktails.

Coming to the food we had :





This has to be one of the best i have eaten in recent times. Perfect is not the word

Tangy spicy CHICKEN WINGS full of aroma. Second was the CHICKEN CHILLI which just melted in the mouth. Use of chicken sausage/onions and capsicum with soya garlic sauce was good . A great Idea to have gave given a sausage instead of chicken. Hats of to the Chef and his innovation to get a beautiful dish. Chinese touch , spicy and garlicky .. good. The third was the CHICKEN MALAI TIKKA – this is what malai tikka is all about. Perfectly grilled. fantastic aroma and spices used , melted in the mouth. wow. The forth was CHICKEN TIKKA – again a nice tandoori spiced chicken , Indian spices at its best , juicy , soft melted in the mouth . Looked like chicken Lollipop and last was the TANDOORI PRAWNS , marinated well , juicy correct balance of aroma and flavours. For me This platter earns full marks , no flaw which i can think off , presentation , execution , balance of favours and preparation . NAILED IT !!



HARABHARA SLIDERS – This looks like a signature dish of this restaurant or it will soon be a called a signature dish. No rocket science. Mini Burgers with lettuce , caramelised onions and patty which was crispy with stuffing of cottage cheese spinach and cheese. Can call it an Indian innovation , not very heavy and can be had with your drinks. wow !!


CHICKEN ROLL – Reminds me of the rolls you get in Kolkata. Egg wrapped rolls ( nicely done) with shredded chicken and onions . again nicely presented . good stuffing and enough for one . 3 pieces which can be filling.


LASOONI CHANA – This is what i call a perfect CHAKHNA , goes so well with the cocktails , and the chef had made this perfectly , just fried to perfection and pieces of Garlic .. wow !! Pieces of fried garlic and chaha complimented well and the balance was perfect .\


MASALA PEANUT – a common dish but nicely executed , correct use of elements like onions/tomatoes/cilantro/ green chillies. Again a dish which went well with the cocktails.


DAL KHICHDI – these guys have designed to menu so well , from finger bits to the mains which a common man has or rather Indian bar snacks / street food with some amazing elements and flavours used which gives you that international fusion . This was another dish which we crave to have. Lovely ghar ka khana.

Overall just brilliant.


COCKTAILS : some amazing cocktails , uploading the pictures , try it out and you will want to be there each day .. it’s just fantastic. A Couple which i can recommend is the MUSKA PHIRNI/MUCHADWALA PAAN . From the name itself you will want to go there and try out rather than me explain it. Don’t wait.

the Desserts :



BAKED CHEESECAKE – wooh !! melted in the mouth served with ginger ice cream . well perfectly. Basically a Cream cheese mixture base of crushed cookies .

CHOCOLATE FONDANT – try it out .. you will love it .

Overall – This place is the ” INN ” thing and it will remain to be for a long long time to come.

Head there ASAP and experience some amazing time.

Surely a HIT for me and 100% recommend to all my friends.

You guys … Man take a bow !! you rock .

R' ADDA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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