This Lovely place started in 2007 and over the years it has been growing and has a good customer base.

Located at the WTC at Cuff Parade it has 3 kitchens namely Kababeque ( BBQ/Lucknowi/and famous for its Biryanis) Specially the mutton Biryani is a must try.

Zen the name says it all – Oriental + Dim-sum and lovely Khawsuey)

La Piazza ( Pizzas pastas and some Lebanese)

Flamboyante besides this stand alone place also has a Sheesha Lounge on the first floor and they also cater to occasions like parties/mega events etc…

From what i was told their chefs are highly qualified and have trained In Thailand (Sitca) Phoenix Arizona (Cordon Bleu) London (Leiths)

The Chef for the day was Sunny ( ex Mandarin ) Mumbai plus he had worked abroad.

Now to choose among the 3 kitchen was a bit dicey , went with the word of mouth and the Gut Feel.

Drinks :

Singapore Sling : could have been better had the bar tender added a bit on Grenadine to give that extra colour which was missing . Just about OK

Cosmopolitan – a vodka based drink with Cointreau , cranberry juice – was good.

Chilli Martini – Wow this is what cocktail is all about. Great punch , just loved it.



Starters :

Chicken Sui Mai – Chicken minced steamed dumpling severed with pungent mustard dip – very well made , nice stuffing and great taste . Mustard Dip did give that extra punch to it !


Tofu and Spinach Dumpling – again a good dish , the layer was so soft and with this amazing filling just perfect.


I had a choice between the Gado Gado salad or the Som Tam

We went for Som Tam , was a bit sweet but spicy , maybe a bit extra jaggery and less of tamarind , could not get that right combination which is required .


Lucknowi Dahi Kabab – wooh !! This was just amazing , nailed it to perfection , full marks , melted in the mouth , amazing flavours of fresh herbs and spices , thick/hung yogurt , soft pomegranate centred & just that golden crushed . A winner of a dish .


Morning Glory – Yes !! A handful of restaurants have this one their Menu and i had to order this. It takes you to the legendary authentic Chinese restaurants like Mandarin/Nanking/Kamling where i used to have this dish and flamboyante made it just perfect. Salty-spicy-sour and that crunchiness – chef nailed this one !!


A bit more about Morning Glory – its Known as morning glory in many parts of China/Hongkong/Thailand etc .. basically a very simple yet delicious Vegetarian dish made of PAK BOONG ( WATER SPINACH ) its called and very popular. It’s a “MUST EAT” dish for every first time visitor some of the far eastern countries but difficult to find it in the Western world . Simple yet amazing preparation seasoned with soya bean paste , garlic , chillies , soy sauce and oyster sauce .


Khawsuey – Rich one pot dish but the chef added diced tiny pieces of tofu which gave that extra bit of flavor to what was already a good dish . One element which surprised me was the Roasted Rice which was used as an extra element to be added . This gave you that crunchiness. Just Perfect.


Mississippi Mud Pie – Hmm looked more like a chocolate Fondant served with ice cream . Yes one of the signature dishes of this place , yes !! It was. Must try this. Good portion. Nicely presented. Nailed it.

All in all a great evening spent – good service , friendly staff. Unfortunately missed out on the pizzas and pastas , next time .. from what i had my personal choice would be Indian followed by oriental …..

Weekend is here , head to Flamboyante !!!

My rating for Flamboyante 4/5.

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