One Street Over

One Street Over – Surely Blew me Over . Amazing Service , great Cocktails and one of the most delicious food i have had in recent times. I seriously don’t understand why such negative feedback , but for me this place was a winner. People have been debating if it’s a Bar / Lounge / Club – For me its a place where one can come , enjoy cocktails and have some good Bar Food .

The menu is not that elaborated but whet ever chef Boo Kim and Chef Kevin have put up , its apt for this place.

Ashutosh handling the bar has done a fantastic job and as far as Chef Kim , man hats off to this Chef , hospitality at its best . . Going to each and every table and taking a feedback which is truly appreciated in this competitive industry .



We had Some Lovely Cocktails with some Littles and Bigs as mentioned in the Menu.

Light and Elegant :



Morning Glory Fizz – ( Morning Glory takes me to a dish which is very close to my heart ) trying a cocktail under the same name ( fingers crossed ) The first sip , it was WOW. Bourbon Whiskey ( Jim Bean ) with a dash of lemon , sugar , Egg white , bitters and some soda for the fizz . Nicely balanced drink , refreshing. Garnished with Mint and Orange. picture perfect and tasted well.

Fresh and Delish


Boo Man Chu – a complicated name but excellent when it tasted. Vodka based ( ABSOLUTE ) with Choya , Cassis and Lime . Choya ( or call it Umeshu ) Basically is Japanese PLUM LIQUOR which is used in enhancing the flavour of a drink . One can have it Straight/On the Rocks/Hot Choya. CASSIS is again a dark red liqueur made of black current. Overall this drink is strong sweet sour with balanced flavours.


BURRATA – Started with the Little , this is becoming famous in most of the restaurants especially the Italian and the European. Here Chef Kim has focused more on Broccoli. Served on a bed of Broccoli paste Burrata with Cheddar diced pieces of broccoli Vinaigrette . One surprise element was the Crumble Cheddar a great innovation went well giving that crunchiness with each bite. Brilliant.


Tofu Bao – this is the second place in Mumbai where i have had the Bao so soft and fresh that it just melts in the mouth. Perhaps one of the star dishes by the chef which was perfectly nailed . Spicy with a fantastic balance Chilly Soy , Garlic and Homemade Gun Powder ( this gave that spiciness to the dish ) Silken tofu so soft melted in mouth. Homemade Jardenera relish. ( A French culinary of sauces ) Garnished with Spring onions. Perfect in taste. Spicy and sweet and a MUST ORDER DISH.


CHICKEN KATSU ( can also call it Tori Katsu ) a Japanese dish basically a chicken cutlet deeply fried about 2/3 centimetre thick served as strips. topped with brown butter , caper butter and chives. Not to my liking but liked the presentation. A bit lemony cause of the caper butter sauce. Presentation good.


CHICKEN MEAT BALLS with Soubise , croutons and mozzarella. Simple yet elegant dish . Minced chicken fried balls. Soubise being the main element ( Soubise is an onion sauce slowly cooked using cream and butter ) Croutons gave that crunchiness to each bite and the sharp Cheddar the punch , also had the Mozzarella and spring onion as a garnish. Nicely done. Melted in mouth.

Back to the Cocktails :

Straight Up And Smooth :



PENICILLIN – Ginger Hit , first sip . wooh !! There is a history behind this … Invented by Sam Ross a New York Bar tender , very soothing with good balance of honey , lime and fresh ginger . Topped with Ballantine’s scotch.

Light and Elegant :


French 75 – Another classic , simple Gin based drink ( Beefeater ) with a dash of lemon , sugar and sparkling wine.



Calamari with XO Sauce – Sauteed calamari which came as a surprise , the use of XO sauce ( spicy seafood sauce originated in Hong Kong) takes the dish to another level ( spicy ) simple dish with roasted baby potatoes , had a lot of greens to compliment and give a good balance to the dish . The use of Chinese broccoli and Chard ( leafy green vegetable ) was a good combination . Use of Chilli flakes and Chilly oil + the home made Sriracha was good.


PRAWNS with black bean sauce , Chinese Broccoli with wilted greens ( nice combination ) Tossed Greens using spinach/rocket/silver beet/mizuna/young beetroot leaves .. perfect. Prawns pan seared to give that spicy flavour the use of birds eye chili . wow!!


Carnitas ( means little meats) – Tostadas with pork , jalapeno , re fried beans red salsa , Reddish , Sour cream , guacamole. Nicely done . It’s basically a Mexican dish , braising of pork takes about 4/5 hours until tender. Very colourful . Crunchy , loved it. Unlike the tacos it was a flat tostada and the correct food to go with the cocktail . Pork was soft , tender , juicy.


Quinoa Salad – Looked refreshing the moment it came to the table , a dash of truffle oil enhanced the taste completely . Simple yet fresh , good balance of lemon vinaigrette and diced pieces of cucumber and cauliflower .. wow !! Served on a bed of cauliflower paste. One element i liked which gave the crunchiness was the use of roasted almonds. Nailed it.


Caramelised Brie ( Soft cow cheese named after brie) This is again a winner of a dish . beautifully done . Served with Roasted Mushrooms n onions which were caramelised giving that demi glaze texture to it. Gooey it was the first cut , cheese oozing out. Crisply from the outside. Glaze had that sweet , salted , pungent taste. Balance – perfect . Served with Crostini.

Back to the Cocktails :



Strong and Punchy:


Martinez – Tanqueray ( Dry Gin ) , Martini , Rosso , Maraschino liqueur and Grape fruit bitters . Perfectly made. Maraschino gives that cheery sweet flavour and bitters that spicy feel . overall a well balanced drink.

Pegu club – again a gin based cocktail with lemon and Cointreau with a dash of grapefruit bitters.




This place serves gluten free cookies and to have a cinnamon ice cream is icing on the cake.

s’more 2.0 gluten free cookie with cinnamon ice cream and burnt meringue. Taste it to believe it. Was absolutely amazing. very rich with chocolate ganache ( whip of chocolate and cream) crispy cookies and ganache perfect.

Just as we were leaving they had the bar tender from Dubai who had 3 special cocktails for yesterday. Had the privilege of tasting 2 / Yes after the desserts –

No Offence to Ashutosh but this guy knew what he was making – just nailed both the drinks which he served us.


Secretos # 2 – papaya infused Bacardi with lime sugar , falernum ( it’s a sweet syrup used in Caribbean and tropical drinks) and dehydrated papaya – got the distinct taste of almond , ginger and cloves ( falernum ) perfect.

Prodigy Sour -beetroot based drink , a tequila based drink ( camino ) with cardamon shrub ( made from apple cider vinegar ) some lime sugar and egg white. This was fantastic .

Overall experience – this place blew me over the top. Just brilliant. Service , hospitality , cocktails , food – just amazing .. loved the experience. Thanking the entire team of One Street Over. Keep it up !!

Visit this place for sure !!

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