MRP – Modern Asian Bistro

Kudos to the Kohli’s – Pritam Restaurant / Pritam Da Dhaba / Mid Town Pritam / Grandmama’s Cafe / PDT / The Roll Company and Now MRP – MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE / MY REGULAR PLACE – This is exactly what it meant to be. Apart from a Normal Cover Charge for food , You can Buy any Alcohol (imported) at MRP rate . Short simple and sweet and I presume this is Inclusive of Taxes.

Newly Opened or rather Officially opening today , this place is going to be another Grandmama’s Cafe – In other words this is a chill out hang out place which will rock as the word spreads out.


Wanting to have something good in dadar and here it is !!

Fantastic Interior spacious , roomy , having board games , amazing fully stocked Bar , great drinks and interesting food , projection screen , wi -fi . Everything under one roof.

Will come to the cocktails later but trust me some amazing cocktails.

As far as the food goes :


Started with Turnip Cake – A Chinese Dim Sum made out of shredded potato and plain rice flour. Also known as Daikon Cake/Radish cake . Pan fried thin crunchy layer on the outside from frying and soft in the inside. Topped with roasted garlic / chilly oil and scallions. Nice garlic taste. Loved it.


Boneless Chicken Wings – what ? yes !! you got that correct , something innovative and done well . Nicely presented , square shaped. Shredded Chicken with Asian flavors. The USP was the Bourbon Whiskey glaze sauce beneath each piece. Gave that Extra tangy tipsy feel to the dish – Loved it.

These guys have tried doing everything different and here we were served :


WANTON NACHOS – black bean sauce puree had a good texture , jalapeno have that spicy touch , cheese sauce is always welcome and a lovely Avocado dip . Picture perfect and the dish was good as well.


Coming to Dim Sums – i have uploaded the picture and you will be able to see the thinnest possible layer with a perfect filling. CHILLI CORN WATER CHESTNUT – Bird eye chillies giving that hit and water chestnut giving that sweetness , making it perfect and right balance. Served Piping Hot melted in the mouth.


RED CURRY PRAWNS – prawns overdone ( please look into this ) overall a good open dim sum with a paste or rather Red Thai Curry giving a punch and elevation the dish . Nice work.

ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA – nice way to serve , in a glass !! Batter fried Prawns done glazed with Tobanjan sauce. ( also called Doubanjiang ) suppose to be spicy but the chef did not spice up that much , it’s basically a spicy salty paste from fermented broad beans , soybeans , salt rice etc … Used in Sichuan Cuisine. Coming back to the dish – the prawns were perfect. Loved the dish.


BAO Pulled Chicken – take a wow guys for the soft fresh bao made in-house . it was just fantastic. A bit of a letdown the chicken as it was Chewy but aroma and flavours up to the mark. Cucumber/eggs/cilantro and garlic aioli went well.


ALL ASIAN TACOS – RED in colour. Beetroot it was !! Fabulous .. Hard filled with water chest nuts ( sweetness ) Chilly Corn ( spiciness ) and some Asian slaw . in short – Crunchy Spicy & Sweet .Birds Eye Chilly / Cilantro as a garnish made it a picture perfect dish and elements like Tomatoes added good balance. Shredded Reddish as well and some sour cream.


MAC & CHEESE – an all time favourite . Here they have placed well with the Shiitake Mushroom sauce and macaroni , topped as usual with Mozzarella and baked to perfection. Something was lacking , can’t figure out what !!


MRP MEZZE – the star dish of the night – Perfect in all ways , a good combination of Green peas falafel which fried well with sesame seeds , Togarashi Hummus ( Japanese spicy powder of dried chilli peppers and other seasonings ) Hummus great texture , lovely smooth and good taste. The Menu mentions Cucumber fattoush ( did not come ) and fresh Bao. Nice combination. Loved it. Way to go !!


CHICKEN YAKITORI – nicely done dish this. Chunks of Chicken on skewers like a satay grilled well with a teriyaki glaze. Served with Teppanyaki fried rice topped with fried egg . Now that’s heavy dish to have but lovely balance. Asian flavours galore. Nicely done juicy chicken. Loved it.


PRAWNS AJJILO – did not try but heard had good balance of olive oil / kaffir lime and tasted garlicky. Served with Toasted Bao. Basically a Spanish classic presented in Asian style . Nice Innovation.




DRUNKEN CHOCOLATE SUNDAE – frankly did not like it , the brownie crumbs was totally off , killed the entire dish which had homemade ice cream , chocolate mousse , caramel popcorn and baileys cream. One element can spoil the entire dish.

ORANGE CREME BRULEE – again not very happy , but will surely try it again. Sichuan candid walnuts , waffle crisp and orange segments .. OK nothing great.

Coming to Cocktails :

Tried some , so difficult to pin point which one was better or the best , but one thing i can assure you , this place serves some amazing cocktails and must try.


Molecular DSLR – Vodka

Tikki Torii – Trio of Rum

Japanese Onsen – this was awesome ( gari infused tequila , peach lime and salt form) try it out !!

Feng Shui Pot – Whiskey based , fresh apple , elder-flower cherry bitters.

Overall :

The Cocktails are just Amazing

Vegetarian food – No complaints , perfect is the word.

Some teething problems with the Non Veg dishes – I m sure they will solve it asap.

Coming Back soon — Wish you loads of success and all the best !! Rock this part of the world .

Cheers !!

MRP - Modern Asian Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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