Chai Pe Charcha – Tapri Chai A/c Mein. Excellent concept by Anil Kohli who has tapped the market at the right time . USP is the pricing .

Nice Ambiance , Colorful , bright with hand painting art work , basically its burst of colours everywhere and not that heavy to the eye . Board Games painted on each table , hanging lights , in simple word fantastic…


Started With the Charcha Spcl Chai – Fresh Ginger and Lemon grass which we call Hare Chai Ki Patti. I will visit this place over and over again for this Chai . Didn’t add sugar but even without the sugar it tasted good. Right balance of Adrakh and Chai patti.


Bun Baska – the parsi style , soft buns loaded with maska , this can be compared to any/Best Irani Joints in Mumbai .


Firangi Khakhra ( they call it nachos) This is a MUST ORDER at Chai pe … Melted cheese over thin Khakhra with Tamarind and Green Chutney . The spring onion topped makes it extra special and gives you that Crunchy feel and adds more flavours to it . Wow.


Samosa Sandwich – This has always been a favorite of mine ( many sandwich walas in Mumbai have this in their menu) -again a well made sandwich with the right amount of stuffing and masala but one thing which gave the Extra punch was the Amchur which was added in the masala . Wow. Again a winner and a MUST ORDER.


English-Vinglish Sandwich – This Surprised me. Nutella and i was like ?? A great twist in the flavor when i saw there were Peanut with Nutella and the Taste was absolutely amazing . The sweetness of Nutella is reduced by the peanut pieces which gives a fantastic balance . Absolute Winner.


Uttari Bread Pakoda – a typical delhi style of snack , bread fried with Aloo wada Masala. Should give full credit to the Owner and the chef who prepared this . Top Class , being fried could not feel the oil unlike other pakoda.


Gulkand Bun Maska – Bun Maska topped with a generous portion of Butter and Gulkand. Another winner and a surprise .. it has that Wow factor according to me.

To summarize it , a fantastic concept with great pricing and a great hangout place for the all . A sure winner by miles. This place will rock.

I will definitely be a regular here and STRONGLY recommend this place to every one.

WOW !!


Chai Pe Charcha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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