Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Hill Road

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Perfect Name , Situated in Bandra , another perfect location chosen. Interiors well done. But Can and did get Noisy towards the end. A mix of Continental/Italian/Finger Food/Biryani/Pizza/Chinese hmm .. there is a saying ” Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth ” – In this case had the chef stuck to less variants in cuisine – maybe it would have been better.

Any Ways – The beers which we tasted were good , but at the end i preferred having the KOLSCH – smooth light and good. As far as Beer goes , personally feel there has to be a variation in the taste – at a certain point , the beers i tasted had a monotonous flavour . Still KOLSCH was the winner.

CHEF MALKANI – surprisingly had all the answers to the feedback be it positive or negative which i put forward , it’s his baby after all and he’s a better judge of the place and his clients.

Coming to food :



LASOONI KABAB CHICKEN – absolutely perfect , juicy , soft , well done with a balance of Indian spices. In fact its very rare that i repeat the dish and this was one of the dishes which i requested to repeat. Perfect.



Guacamole and Hummus with Pita + Salsa – Coming to the Pita , i was clueless as to what i was given , looked more like a Gujarati Thepla to me then a Lebanese pita. When asked the Chef he said they are against using Yeast ( give me a break !! ) even if you don’t use yeast there are other substitutes to make a decent pita bread. Texture was bad , OILY and the dips – coming to Hummus – it was just about ok to good as was the Guacamole but the Salsa was a disaster ( sweet without any tangy , spicy touch to it ) Guys please look into it.


Paneer Paprika – Rich , creamy gravy but Sweet which killed the dish – the paneer was a bit hard. Here again the Chef was reluctant when suggested him to use malai paneer to give the softness , replied it is too soft it may break – Man !! Again i was speechless. Had this dish had a balance of spices and aroma it would have turned out much better.

Beer Battered fried Fish and Chips – just had a bite was good – did not go deep into the dish , looked a bit over fried though. French fries – Overdone and a bit soggy.

FRENCH FRIES – Perfect , loved this !!


Stuffed Zucchini – Nicely presented , veggies done well , but the Zucchini could have been thinner to get a balance of sauce , spices and herbs . clever dish .


Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Special pizza – thin crust , baked well , nicely topped with veggies and cheese . I liked it though the sauce was on a slight sweeter side. scope of Improvement.


Pink Pasta Sauce – Penne , Overdone , texture good , creamy rich , presentation just about ok . could have been better had there been less of the sauce and one could see the penne and other veggies , however correct use of parmesan which got the aroma in the dish and garnish of Basil which looked good . I don’t know if i could mention again but the sauce was sweet . Coming to what i have been having , most of the dishes are bit on a SWEET side , maybe it’s meant to carter to a certain clientele !! I am Guessing …


Butter Chicken – Looked great , nice texture , thick , tangy creamy tomato gravy – garnished with cilantro and cream . Chicken ( shredded ) perfect soft BUT had a taste either of over powered Kasturi Mirchi and garlic mix. Had a very different taste which i still can’t figure out. A bit subtle on the flavours it would have been a good Butter Chicken.


DESSERT – Did not have

Overall View – Mixed feeling

A couple of Hits and many misses , hope its rectified , Pricing – Perfect.

Apt place for the nearby crowd , sure this place will have its charm.

Do try fine tune some of the suggestions – Any ways you are the best judge.

Till I don’t hear good reviews over food – i would be in two minds to visit this place again.

What can I say for other’s – Take a call !!

Kaitlyn's Beer Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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