JUST AMAZING – That sums up the review .

But would like to add a bit more to it.

An amalgamation of neighbouring cultures , this place serves Traditional Burmese Vegetarian cuisine along with some of best selected Tea’s and merchandise which takes you to the timeless Burmese heritage in the modern light.


This place brings you the culture and the authenticity taste and cooking from Myanmar ( Burma ) Recipes are traditional from coastal to forest , to tropical …. giving you a rich taste and aroma in each bite. Somehow i have missed out reviewing this place earlier , have been here maybe 4/5 times and each time it’s always been a good experience.

Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chhajer are the spearhead behind Burma Burma.

From what i heard is Mr.Gupta’s family hails from Myanmar (born and brought up) which made it easy to set the base for Burmese Cuisine.

From Steamed buns to parathas , green tea fermented to falooda and from the Burmese street food to the high end restaurant , you get it all under this roof which is approx 1800 sq ft , fits 60 covers headed by chef Ansab Khan (Just Brilliant)

Ambience is lovely , service and awesome and food – here we Go :

Soup :


Samuza Hincho – try eating samosa in this unusual Burmese way , it is just awesome. Samosa Served in Tangy soup with cabbage,carrot and capsicum. Tasted like a milder version of tangy rasam with soft samosa pastry . YUM!


Mone Kyar Yoe Hin – pickled mustard green & lotus stem. I didn’t try this but was told it was again YUM with some great flavours and that Mustard gave the soup that extra wow factor to the soup.

Salad :


Salads at Burma Burma are just amazing , and i wish i could have all the salads in the menu.

Was happy that the manager Sanil Tare got a dish with 3 salads ( small portion ) which was just perfect.


Mandalay Laphet Thoke (Mandalay is a city in North Myanmar) (Laphet which means green Tea) ( Thoke means Salad) pronounced as “la-pay toe”. This has always been my favourite and if I’m not mistaken a handful of restaurants in India serve TEA LEAF SALAD (cafe bomras in Goa) coming back to the salad it has an electric mix of flavours and textures that include soft, pickled Tea leaves which again are Sourced from Burma , crisp with roasted peanuts and crunchy beans (cant get the name) a bit of fried garlic and sesame seed. In Burma its a traditional dish and is served as a snack. Just love this one !!


Sayukthee Thoke/Grapefruit Salad – grapefruit is seasonal , was lucky to get this salad on the table , a healthy salad mixed with Gram Flour , chilli oil , crisp brown onions and lime juice. This was good as well.


Tayat Thi Thoke or Raw mango salad – this had that punch i was looking for , just about perfect . Raw mango shreds mixed with roasted re chilly , cabbage , lettuce an brown onion . Full marks again to the salad and the salad platter.

Beverages :



Pomegranate & Mandarin Spritzer – fresh and good .

Spiced Ginger – Wow !! just perfect , wish i had some Vodka but Burma Burma does not serve alcohol and its Strictly a vegetarian place – Ginger, green chillies , lime , mint and fizz serve in a Martini glass ….. Need to order this.


Paukse/Steamed Buns topped with sesame seed – Brown Onion and Roasted Chilly – i have had this before and never a let down this dish. Nice filling and deserve full marks.


Tohu Kyaw (Tohu – meaning Tofu) good preparation , nicely presented chilly tangy chickpea tofu – just could not figure out if I was having paneer or tofu . the tamarind sauce have that extra flavour to this this.


Mandaly Meeshay or Mee Shay is a burmese cuisine dish of rice noodles basically with mean sauce ( here it was hot chilly , garlic and soya bean sauce. Again very popular in Burma as a breakfast , brunch and light lunch for many. To elaborate more its made of medium rice noodles and has a thicker sauce . a thicker Gloop ( sloppy or sticky semi fluid matter ) and like a Khao Suey you need to add crushed garlic , coriander , crushed peanuts , lime juice , crushed peanuts as per your taste.

I HAD never had this before but this was amazing as well .


To end with it was the Smoky Avocado and Honey Ice Cream – fantastic presentation , Yum taste ( pic Uploaded) you really need to try this.

In Between we were served the Monkey Picked Oolong Tea – there is again a story or a myth behind this which is yet to be proved. The origin of Monkey picked oolong tea dates back to the 18th century , they say that monkeys were trained by monks to pick up the choicest leaves from the wild tea areas of Fujian province. All said it done. Today monkey picked simply means a very high quality tie guan yin tea picked during spring and fall.

To Sum Up – another amazing evening spent at one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai.

Absolutely recommend this place to all.


Thanks to Ankit for hosting us and to the entire staff …….


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