SIN – Marine Plaza

This is one place which i would really love to visit for desserts. I nice cosy place , part of the famous Hotel Marine Plaza , it has its own charm. Just hope the management keeps a couple of chairs for some coffee. It can have a cozy feel. Chef Naina has done a good job in creating and presenting some good egg less and with egg cakes and pastries along with some breads. We tried 5 of them as we were a part of tasting desserts this Saturday. Here is what we had :


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Smoke House Deli

SMOKE HOUSE DELI – one of my all time favourites has started a Healthy Menu. Frankly was in two minds, stick to the normal Menu or all out Healthy !! It was healthy all the way.
Just to give you a small brief about this place , it’s a cute little place at Pali Hill , they have a sitting on the lower floor as well as on the first. Decor is brilliant. White is commonly used in all the SMD cafes.
Brain child of Mr Riaz Almani who has with him SOCIAL/TASTING ROOM/SALT WATER CAFE and Prithvi Cafe ( i guess )
Not waiting much time here is what we had :



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Chili’s Grill & Bar an American Casual Dining Restaurant Chain which serves Tex-Mex Style cuisine. Founded in 1975 in Texas by Larry Levine currently owned and operated by Brinker International.
Been Visiting Chili’s since a long time , be outside India or India. Mumbai Chili’s surprisingly never gave that Wow experience. Today was different. Loved what I had. First the Vibe – was Jam Packed that makes a person happy .. you get that positive feeling once you enter the place. The Menu has been Transformed completely and lot of new and innovative dishes in store apart from some amazing cocktails. Service – TOP NOTCH ( Thanks Nikunj ) to have taken care of us with Cocktails and Amazing Food.


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IMG_1626Google Old Wild West or Wild West and you come across images of Mexico, Cowboys, Wood, Burgers , French Fries, Guns etc ….

You enter this Place called the Old Wild West a newly opened thyme restaurant at Kamla Mills and wow .. This has most of the elements which one has imagined including a Mechanical Bull and take a Selfie at the Selfie wall.

Hugh place this about 4000 sq feet very nicely done up. Sitting is spacious , not cramped unlike other places. Hugh Bar fully stocked.

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Jyran – Sofitel

Jyran ( Means Lot Love ) hope i am correct on that !!

A specialty Restaurant at Sofitel Mumbai Serving Authentic Mughlai food sounds interesting – The Month of Ramadan is all about some amazing Culinary Food , we visit various places to just get the feel and the taste of delicacies which are prepared in Ramadan Festival . Now to get the same under one roof ” MOHAMMED ALI ROAD ” Festival is a brilliant.

Jyran was always a Baby of QURESHI family the master of Dum Cuisine. This Festival has been created by Chef ” Shadab Ahmad ” – from the same family. The Moment you hear this just close your eyes and enjoy the electric menu and some authentic specialties such as Tawa Kheema , Roti pe Bhuni Boti , Tandoori Murg , Subz Tawa Biryani , Kulfi Falooda and much more.


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