Chili’s Grill & Bar an American Casual Dining Restaurant Chain which serves Tex-Mex Style cuisine. Founded in 1975 in Texas by Larry Levine currently owned and operated by Brinker International.
Been Visiting Chili’s since a long time , be outside India or India. Mumbai Chili’s surprisingly never gave that Wow experience. Today was different. Loved what I had. First the Vibe – was Jam Packed that makes a person happy .. you get that positive feeling once you enter the place. The Menu has been Transformed completely and lot of new and innovative dishes in store apart from some amazing cocktails. Service – TOP NOTCH ( Thanks Nikunj ) to have taken care of us with Cocktails and Amazing Food.


Will explain the cocktails later. Let’s start with :


Texas Cheese Poppers – Lovely , crunchy , perfectly golden fried. Good balance of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese with cilantro. A nice and perfect start. Served with Chipotle ranch dripping sauce. Simple yet well made sauce. Mayo/Sour Cream/Dry ranch Mix/Chipotle Chile.


Chicken Wings – Normally when we say Wings it’s with the bones. The new menu has without bones as well which I preferred. Wings sauce this is interesting. Combination of Hot sauce/vinegar/Worcestershire sauce/cayenne pepper/garlic/salt interesting elements to get it perfect. Would have loved it had the chicken been marinated well. Outside was good , inner portion was blend. Overall a dish which can reach a different level if they get the balance correct. Improvement needed.


A very interesting concept from Chili’s called ” TABLESIDE GUACAMOLE ” loved the dish. Fantastic texture. Great in taste. Freshly used ingredients – prepared on your table. Its Avocado first , add lime , diced red onions, pinch of salt, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro and Jalapeno ( subtle / Lemony / spicy ) Served with Homemade Tostada Chips and salsa. WINNER by miles.


Santa Fe Chicken Salad – Interesting name . It’s basically Santa Fe sauce which is used. Lot of ingredients used to get this sauce in place but the mains could be Garlic , Sea salt , Cumin Extra Virgin Oil and Herbs. A new salad in the menu. Colourful. Picture perfect. Taste Perfect. Grilled , Chile- rubbed chicken with sauce , house made Pico de Gallo ( called salsa fresca ) made out of chopped tomatoes/onions/coriander/salt and fresh serranos and lime. Freshly Diced avocado , chopped cilantro served with ranch dressing. I liked one element which was CRISPY TORTILLA STRIPS gave that crunchiness to the salad , chicken on the other hand was perfect. Overall a great salad and good portion.


Monterey Chicken – another dish which was really inviting the moment it came to the table. Done well. Played with 4 major elements – Bacon/Steamed Veggies/mashed Potatoes/Chicken. Clever dish. Grilled Fajita marinated with BBQ sauce ( had that Smokey flavour ) , tomatoes , cheese , green onions and Apple wood smoked bacon ( nicely done ) Basically all bacon’s are smoked , applewood is wood from various apple trees enhances the taste. Served with beautifully done mashed Potato ( loved it) nice texture. Buttery. Black Pepper gravy or sauce went well with the chicken and steamed veggies ( Broccoli/Carrot/Bell Pepper Perfect.


FRESH MEX or FRESH MIX & MATCH FAJITAS newly introduced. Non Vegetarian can have a choice of two or TRIO. WE Decided to go with the TRIO. GRILLED CHICKEN / PORK CARNITAS / GRILLED SHRIMP

This is a must have dish at this place. Just Yum. A signature dish – sizzling fajitas with sliced bell pepper & caramelised onions topped with chipotle garlic butter and chopped cilantro. These are served with soft warm tortillas and mixed Cheese , fresh guacamole pickled onion & Jalapeno Fresh salsa and pico de gallo + Cumin Lime sour cream.
Decide how you want to have . . mix all the ingredients on the soft tortilla roll and bite which is the correct way to have or have it as you wish. One thing i can say for sure – The PORK was outstanding and so was the Chicken and the Shrimp. But Full marks to the shredded pulled pork YUM.



MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA – Good , Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell. Nice , not that sweet.



Mexican cuisine and Margaritas go hand in hand and it’s a must try.
Presidente Margarita ” Trade mark ” by Chili’s and it has to be !! A class drink. Shaken Margarita with Sauza Tequila , orange liqueur and brandy ( Sauza is a classic margarita ) This was good strong.


Blueberry & Pineapple infused margarita – this is a new launch and already a hit. Served in a large margarita glass , again classic , signature mix , infused 48 hours with blueberry and pineapple and it was amazing.


Whiskey lemonade – Refreshing / Bourbon orange liqueur fresh sour and a dash of sprit . Get that fizz in the drink . Nice.

Sweet & Spicy peach cooler – loved it … Vodka with peach syrup. Tangy spicy – Jalapeno used and peach slices.

Overall : FANTASIC evening , Loved this place , new introductions in the menu are an instant HIT. By the time we left there was a waiting of more than 20 people. Shows the popularity of this place. Service immaculate. Just hoping they don’t go overboard and if they are consistent in what they served today… No stopping them
All the best !!


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