Jyran – Sofitel

Jyran ( Means Lot Love ) hope i am correct on that !!

A specialty Restaurant at Sofitel Mumbai Serving Authentic Mughlai food sounds interesting – The Month of Ramadan is all about some amazing Culinary Food , we visit various places to just get the feel and the taste of delicacies which are prepared in Ramadan Festival . Now to get the same under one roof ” MOHAMMED ALI ROAD ” Festival is a brilliant.

Jyran was always a Baby of QURESHI family the master of Dum Cuisine. This Festival has been created by Chef ” Shadab Ahmad ” – from the same family. The Moment you hear this just close your eyes and enjoy the electric menu and some authentic specialties such as Tawa Kheema , Roti pe Bhuni Boti , Tandoori Murg , Subz Tawa Biryani , Kulfi Falooda and much more.


I did avoid a certain dishes from the set menu , as i am not fond of the Bheja and the Kaleji but did have the chance to exchange it for the famous ” Butter Chicken and Dal Al Jyran ”

To start with it was a a couple of cocktails and in the food :


Chicken Cutlet – A delicacy by itself and how well was it perfected .. wow !! The balance of spices and aroma was perfect. Chicken Minced beautifully coated with Vermicelli , deep fried till golden brown served with Mint chutney , onions . Crunchy , spicy , super.


Tandoori Chicken – One really longs to have a good Tandoori chicken at any of the Dum restaurants , and here it was – Juicy soft full of herbs. Nice and correct Mix of Indian spices along with Yogurt marinated well , grilled. Super.
Veg Seekh Roll – Now this was unexpected , but then something has to be catered to the vegetarians as well . Here the chef has made a nice dish using seasonal diced vegetables diced to perfection wrapped in a soft Paratha served with onion/capsicum and mint chutney. Nice dish.


Shahi Galawat Ke Kebab – wooh !! Brilliant … Nailed it. Served with Wakri paratha. A not to be chewed dish. Minced Mutton which melts in your mouth with aromas and fragrance of saffron and flavours of spices like cardamom and clove. This has always been the USP of the Qureshi Family. When asked he politely replied ” I have been seeing this preparation since i was a kid at home ‘ well done Chef – you guys are master at this dish.


As i said a couple of dishes were omitted and replaced.
It was ” BUTTER CHICKEN ” the name itself makes you drool. It was a great Preparation. Rich , creamy , tangy tomato gravy with perfectly done shredded Tandoori chicken – winner by miles. Loved it.


Pind De Chole – the word Punjab and its Chole. Perfection to the core ! Chick Peas tempered with dry pomegranate seed and asafetida. Thick rich full of flavour. Garnished with diced paneer cilantro and onions. Lovely.


DAL AL JYRAN – this has always been the speciality and if you are lucky you get the same dish at the buffet at the Pondicherry cafe sometimes. Rich , Creamy Yum. Black lentils cooked overnight at a very low temperature on a clay oven. The rest – try it out , you will feel what you have been missing.


TAWA CHICKEN BIRYANI – smell of desi ghee enhanced the flavour of this dish . The dominance of green cardamom and fried onions elevated the aroma. What more !! Enjoy this lovely long grain basmati chicken biryani , chicken cooked well. Superb.

NO MORE ROOM FOR MAINS and it was Dessert time.

Was expecting just one and here we were given 4 delicacy to try. Month of Ramadan is also known for some amazing sweets and to have –


Noorani Kulfi Falooda – good.


Sheer Khurma – this is a festival vermicelli pudding prepared during Eid ul-Fitr in India and most of the neighbouring countries and central Asia. Rich Preparation with lot of elements like vermicelli , whole milk , sugar , dates and spices like cardamom , pistachio , almonds , saffron , raisins and maybe rose water. Now to get the balance of all this and get a perfect dessert is an art. Trust me It was YUM.

Malpua Rabdi – another rich dish , i did not try but looked interesting.


PHIRNI – another rich and creamy and classic dessert which is made on occasions. It’s made from ground rice. was perfect , not that sweet and tasted good.

To sum up :
AMAZING , fantastic hospitality.
Still a weak to go – If you get a chance do not miss the opportunity. Visit the Festival and savour the taste till next year !!

Cheers …

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