China 1 Bkc – sounded good !
Known for its Decor apart from the Far Eastern Cuisines ( Chinese , Thai , Asian and known for its Seafood )
I guess the sitting is 100+ has a lovely ambience and the food , here we go :


Mocktails :

Asked for a Kokum Cooler – Not Available
Malibu freeze – Not Available



China 1 punch – yes we have that , so it was China 1 punch – Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Grenadine/Cream – decent not that great.


Since the DimSim Fest were on requested for Assorted DimSim basket , Was told there would be 6 pieces but eventually it was only 4 ( 2 each of the chicken and prawn Sumai and Chicken Shanghai ) filling was good . Taste was nice.


Vegetable Lettuce Wrap – This is a recommended dish of the restaurant and it was really good. veggies with pin nuts perfectly cooked and had good flavours. Nice presentation.


BBQ Chicken Cheung Fun – Complete let down . It was an Idianised version and tasted more like tandoori – will not recommend …


Grilled Chicken In yellow Bean Sauce – Had it come hot it would have been nailed , coming to the flavours , just about perfect , correct spice , tender chicken with buttered veggies . Must try this.


Eight Treasure Soup chicken – Thick Soup basically with 8 veggies. Was good and surprisingly came hot.


Chicken Udon Noodles chicken ( Udon is thick wheat flour noodles origin Japan ) Yes give it a try.


Stir Fry Prawns in Sambal Sauce – I do not eat prawns but from what the feedback i got it was good but Sambal Sauce was a total miss out . ( Indonesian sauce and it has to be really spicy) it lacked the spiciness.

Desserts ;

Lemongrass Pena Cotta – nice punch and a great try to nail this dessert came very close . Very good.


Tiramisu – Just a bit extra cream i felt overall it was very good. Do try out.

There has always been a problem at BKC of mosquitoes , guys please see what best you can do.
The service was a Bit slow but the server who attended was efficient.

This place is a bit pricey …..

Will i go again — No Comments !!

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