SIN – Marine Plaza

This is one place which i would really love to visit for desserts. I nice cosy place , part of the famous Hotel Marine Plaza , it has its own charm. Just hope the management keeps a couple of chairs for some coffee. It can have a cozy feel. Chef Naina has done a good job in creating and presenting some good egg less and with egg cakes and pastries along with some breads. We tried 5 of them as we were a part of tasting desserts this Saturday. Here is what we had :



Mango Chilly Parfait ( egg less ) Nicely done. Loved each element. Specially the Chocolate ring above the cake which had a hint of Chili. This gave a twist to the taste. Sweetness and Chilli combination was good and the balance was just correct. Chef Naina has done a great job creating this cake. Picture perfect. Smooth , rich and not that sweet. basically like a 3 tire cake.


Mango Mousse Raspberry Brule – another Unique cake this with Mousse smooth to cut , Melted in the mouth. Liked the Raspberry on top of the cake. Once you cut open , there are raspberry pieces which makes it an existing combination.


Blue Berry Cheese Cake ( egg-less ) but when tasted i personally thought it had eggs. This one was Nailed perfectly by the chef. Could not stop having it. Blueberry distinct element , while the crushed cookie base and the cream cheese complimented each other. Soft as silk. Would love this one anytime of the day. Superb.


Hazelnut Mousse ( egg-less ) just a bit out of proportion. somehow did not enjoy this but the presentation was perfect. Reminded me of oriental Blossom LOGO. ( pic Uploaded ) had its flavours , hazelnut and sticky toffee sauce. Could have been better. ( please fine tune it )

Last but not the least :


TIRAMISU – waited for this. Fantastic presentation and just about near perfect in taste. Missing the mascarpone but vanilla creme infused coffee over soft espresso. Again clever presentation. The dusting of cocoa power was in the shape of one of the hotel logo. Personally feel mascarpone would have taken this dessert to a different level.

All in all a great tasting. I m not a sweet tooth , do excuse my description , may have missed out on a couple of things.

In short to sum up , this is a great place to have a dessert. Would request the Hotel since Geoffrey opens at 5 pm , just have a couple of tables for some Coffee. It would go well with the dessert. Just a suggestion. Coffee and cake go well.

Do try this cute little place and i m sure you will like it.

Cheers !!

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