The English Department Bar &

QUEEN # 3 – Way to Go Guys !!
After the Success of The English Department ( Malad ) and Newly Opened at Thane , This is Back to Back.
Frankly i was not so impressed with TED at Malad which i had visited about 10 Months back – Today was the opposite. The Menu remains the same but the recipes have changed. Thanks to the Head chef who is Ex. BBC.
Interiors look good – been there yesterday Morning – Evenings are totally different.
This place has a good vibe and looks positive.
Since it’s at Bandra West – The taste of the food is Apt for crowd living in that area. Menu is vast. One can get confused.
My overall experience was good – from Service to food a bit of a miss on the Dessert (Me and TED have this in Common )


Started with Indian Nut Twist – Basically Peanuts with Tomatoes/onions/Cilantro/lemon/salt – a great Bar plate to go with Martini and Whiskey Sour which was made well. Do Order the Indian Nut Twist.


Fish In Black Pepper Sauce – Basa it was. Made well. Nice starch level to keep it crispy. Good hit of Soy/Garlic and correct balance of Spring Onion/Celery/Onions/Pepper/Ginger. Thought it was a bit salty initially but settled down. Pepper Hit and Spice level perfect.


TED CHICKEN PURSES – Star dish for me. Absolutely amazing. Light/Fluffy perfect texture. Nailed the Filo Pastry. Correct texture. Can go on having it. Chicken minced perfectly with herbs/cream – must order dish. Set on Mayo and served with House salad.


Peri peri Cottage Cheese Cubes – Must have this. Malai Paneer, colorful. Bold Flavors. Peri peri Hit , level of spice just perfect. Topped with Cheese/cream/bell pepper and garnished with cilantro. Simple yet executed perfectly.


Pomeri Crusted Chicken satay – Subtle with Flavors. Chicken Cooked well, Tender/Juicy. Rich dish. Parmesan/cream/chilly flakes/herbs/parsley. Basically Its creamy Sauce which was balanced well. Hit of pepper was welcoming.


Indian Chicken BBQ – Or call it Chicken tikka. This is a comfort food for this part of the world. marination – good. Grilled – perfect. Spice level – perfect. Overall Tender/juicy and a great dish to have. Complimented well with capsicum/onions Must order.


Bruschetta Veg Sharer – from where they get these names ? Anyways French Bread. Baked perfectly. Onions/tomatoes/herbs/Spices – 3 different types with 3 different cheese – killer dish. English Cheddar ( sharp taste ) YUM , Processed Mozzarella ( subtle flavor ) The 3rd cheese is i still can’t remember. Dressed well with Mayo and garnished with parsley. Again a vegetarian delight.

BY THE WAY SATURDAY AFTERNOON this place was 70% packed.


Ted special ZEBRA FRIES – back to My comfort food. FRENCH FRIES – can have this anytime. Good Hit of Peri peri , wakes you up. Fries done perfectly. Topped with Mozzarella/Cheddar and ?? Trust me these Fries would be my Top 10 in Bombay. Correctly balanced.


Chicken Bao – Bao Made in house – lovely texture. Soft. Nicely presented. Colorful with the red cabbage and white cabbage with onions and sparkling of Mayo ( yellow ) coming to the Chicken , Diced / Minced pieces with Indian spices balanced well . Overall a clever dish and not so heavy. Loved it.


BURGIZZA VEG – this is their take on a Burger/Pizza mix. Loved the Mushroom Marination. Its rich/creamy with Cheese/onions. Something different. Good Texture. TED calls it PIZZA stuffed in burger , I would Still call it stuffed Burger with Mushroom. Anyways – chef knows best. What ever he served was good. English Cheddar Topped and Baked had a good texture. This can be a FILLING/HEAVY dish to have.


Lamb Sheppard Pie – LOVED it to the Core. Just perfect. baked well. Amazing Texture. Its like you are having a Kheema. Loaded with spices and flavors. Its Basically a mix of Mashed potato/Minced lamb baked with Parmesan cheese and served with garlic bread.

PIZZAS – Wood Fire it is !! Eyes lit up. Tried a piece each of the veg and the Non Veg.
Crust – Good
Perfect Wood fire. Thin/Golden.


Mexican Delight – ( Veg ) Tangy Mexican sauce with cottage cheese topped with mozzarella/ re fried beans/Bell pepper/jalapeno/Sun Dried tomato/onions Overall had the Mexican touch . Loved it.


SPICY BUFFALO ( Non Veg ) This was a KILLER. I mean it was spicy. In house made sauce. Topped with Tangy marinated Chicken pieces. Bell peppers/Onions and garnished with basil. WOW.


Desserts : Frankly till Not happy with the desserts at the English Department. Red velvet had too much color. Did not taste. Tiramisu was good.Light Fluffy with alcohol.
WALNUT MUD CAKE – Very generous . even got the outer Walnut Crust. ( please look into this ) I found it a bit hard for my liking. taste and sugar level was good.

Overall – Food FANTASTIC , some misses with the deserts , scope to improve On the desserts.

Congrats and waiting for queen # 4 to open at Kandivali soon. Till then Cheers.


Do Try this place.


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