The Lab Malabar Hill

When two friends sit over a a conversation and FOOD being a Subject. One of them puts up an idea Lets open a restaurant/Cafe ? DONE … Now what ? No background of food , look out for a chef , find a place get the interiors done and then the R & D. This is the story of this cafe at Walkeshwar.

LAB – the same is just correct. Small cafe at Teen Batti – Nice ambiance / cosy interiors. 2 levels. Ground is the kitchen , mezzanine is where the sitting is. Again 2 levels – One has a normal Table and Chairs and Low sitting – More relaxed and Comfort area. Lot of board games. Overall a perfect place. Hygiene level good , neatly done up and VFM. The menu impressed me. Vegetarian.

Soups/Salads/Entrees/Chaat/Fries/Sandwiches/Burgers/Pizzas/Pastas/Waffles/Mains. What more does one want ? Good food. They do have some nice food. Ex. Moshe’s (Chef ) can’t go wrong.


Spicy american Cheese Corn ball – @ 150 ( 6 pieces ) its a steal. Deep Fried perfectly. Gooey from inside , Mozzarella / Cheddar / Amul ( nice combination ) corn/Chilli – balanced = lovely starter served with salad which had a lemon dressing. Had mayo/cream which came in tubes ( please look into it ) difficult to pour.


Hummus with Grilled Pita – killer of a dish. Smooth texture garlicky , nice balance of tahini , olive oil , chilly flakes / parsley. Pita made in house – presentation good – dish perfect. Must try.


Chilly Parmesan Paneer Grilled sandwich – bread ( looked more like a panini ) fresh/Light. Grilled well. Nice sheen. Filling of cottage cheese ( strips ) marinated with herbs with oven dried tomatoes ( gave a good taste ) bell peppers , olive oil and chilly flake with some mayo. .They use parmesan which has that nutty taste. Overall subtle flavour at the same time a good dish to try.


Italian herbed Chilly Cheese toast – French bread cut evenly topped with Chopped Onions/Tomatoes/Chillies/Bell pepper garlic ( marination of cream and processed cheese ) Baked. Nice texture of Mozzarella. 150/= can’t go wrong.


Paneer Bhurji @ 150 / spicy. Done perfectly. good portion. Onions/Tomatoes/Indian spices/cilantro. A typical Bhurji with desi taste. do try this.


Mac and cheese – wow , rich / creamy. This is a simple dish but tasted good. Use of cream balanced well corn/broccoli/bell peppers. Guess they also used Mozzarella for the texture and Amul for the saltiness.
Topped with Parmesan and baked. Lovely texture – loved it.


Nutty Buddy – Waffle freshly made ( could have been a bit lighter ) just found it to be a bit compressed. Richness all over. Nutella and whipped cream. Overall good. Bet this is going to be a hit in this part of the world.

Overall – This area needed this. Price/Quality/Quantity = VFM
Vibe is positive. A sure winner for me.
A month now – and already started group parties.




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