Flip Bar & Kitchen

FLIP Bar & Kitchen (Bar not yet opened) at this moment it’s ONLY FLIP KITCHEN.
.Another good effort by Chef Saif to get this place to a great start. The moment one glances the Menu (Its some signature creations of KM SAIF) which one needs to try. About this place – 2 levels. Upper level has Sheesha (more casual sitting – lounge feel) Ground level is good. Vibe is positive – overall a nice place and this type of cuisine were required in this Area.

Coming to what we had:


MINI CHEESE PAPPADOM BITES – lovely crunchy sweet/tangy/spicy. Basically fried Papad with Onions/peppers/jalapeno/corn/green chillies and other elements. Balance was good and a must order dish (Hope the Bar starts fast)


PAPAS ALA SAIF – signature dish of the chef (named after him) needs no explanation – even then it’s all about some rich/Creamy texture spicy cheesy sauce over potato dices topped with olives. Nicely presented.

Sambhal Baby Potatoes – killer of a dish as far as spice level is concerned and that’s how it has to be. Indonesian spices marinated (sambhal) on and inside the baby potatoes with skin. Served piping hot and soft. Try this if you like spicy food.


GRILLED CHIPOTLE CHICKEN SKEWERS – looks like sausages. Grilled to perfection. Bold in flavours. Chicken minced well made like a kebab- gets that smokiness from the chipotle marination and other spices. Good hit of Pepper. Nice juicy tender.


KKANPUNGGI – tasted like chilli chicken. Nice texture. Nice balance of spices and herbs. Sweet/spicy/peppery and GARLICKY. Basically Stir fried. Capsicum and spring onions used well. Nice dish.


FIRE CHICKEN – This has a Korean name as well. Bold flavors again. Lot of ginger/garlic/black pepper and pepper flakes. Chunks of chicken tossed well. Nice corn starch level to get it crunchy. Good.


COW BOY NACHOS with chicken (Beetroot) made in house – Picture perfect. Crispy. Nicely loaded with Cheddar/Parmesan/cheese sauce (Gives you that texture) Jalapeno vegetables and sour cream. Nice balance and a good Dish (Not very heavy) nachos does the trick (light fresh and not oily)

Coming to the Mains:


SAMAK AL DAQOOS – killer of a dish. Texture was perfect. Cake of Long Grain basmati rice aromatic. (Parsley) Veggies at the sides (a bit cold – Chef look into it) were complementing the dish. Glaze was fantastic sauce was amazing. It’s all about BASA – Looked to perfection. Melted in the mouth. They say it’s a delicacy from Kuwait. Coming to the sauce – nicely balanced (Tomato/garlic/ginger/cilantro sauce) Overall a mini meal.


AJI DE CALLINA – Peruvian delight. The STAR DISH OR THE INGREDIENT of the entire meal was the SAFFRON RICE of this dish. Must try. Simple dish which had shredded chicken tossed in spicy yellow pepper cream sauce and served with Sauteed Vegetables. But again the Saffron used in the Rice enhanced the dish. Lovely.


HASSELBACK CHICKEN – now this is an art. It’s basically SLIT chicken breast (Swedish dish) stuffed with FETA & Spinach Mixture giving that salty/subtle taste. Nice pepper hit along with paprika. This is baked using Parmesan and Mozzarella (gives you a good texture) Served with mashed potatoes (again this is a signature dish of the chef – he nails it) Chicken was soft tender and juicy. Overall lovely.

Must Try the Ethiopian Spiced tea – served HOT aroma at its best. Cinnamon/cardamom/clove/honey/lime and black tea – sounds simple but the balancing should be perfect.




Chocolate peanut butter Pretzel Milk Shake – Not explain in detail (Uploaded the picture) all I can say this is a killer 1000+ calories and must try. Pretzel was a surprise (gave that salty taste and balanced the sweetness of other elements used) By the way each element used is imported. (M&m etc)


RED VELVET SHAKE – I did not try this but looked amazing (picture uploaded) maybe 200+ calories extra over the previous Shake. Both these are Killers and made to perfection and presented well.

Overall: As I said Saif has done a great Job. This part of the world required a different cuisine. YES – they serve Sheesha as well. All the best Guys




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