Matahaari Worli

MATAHAARI – The latest and probably the best lounge in Bombay at this moment opened doors last month. If One has to research Mata Hari (Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod ) stage name Mata Hari – you can write a Thesis on her.

At Worli – we get some glimpse what Matahaari is all about.
Interiors – The best in Bombay. Vibe/Feel/Ambiance just amazing and positive. It’s all about The CHIC look at the same time you go back yesteryear. Lot of Leather/Velvet used. And Spacious.

A mini Biography of Mata Hari . Some Minute details have been taken care of. Likes/Dislikes – her best color/drink etc. This place is Hugh divided into sections (Bottoms Up/The Parlor/The Gallery the Chamber/the Vanity and has a story of its own.

One need to go there have a feel of what I have penned down.

Coming to the Bar – Its Hugh/Long and loaded. (Bottoms up) Food menu looks
interesting as well.

Coming to what we had:

Started with Femme fatale (Again a story behind this) Guess there was a movie by this name as well. This DRINK is a mix and correct balance of Sparkling Wine/Gin/Elder flower with a Violet touch (Violet being favorite color of the theme character) Served in a Champagne glass – had that class.



Not Exactly a starter but something to munch with the Drink – Wantons (Fried) with a mix of Peanuts. Wantons fried sprinkled with 5 spices, loved the Peanut which had caramelized onions. The texture and the taste changes. Lovely and bet you can’t stop at one.


SUSHI – California Roll, Presentation Perfect. Vinegared rice / Crab Sticks / Avocado / Mayo – topped with Purple edible flower and Micro greens. Fresh and Lovely. Here they used plastic test tubes (takes me back to school days) with Soya. Nice thinking.


Crunchy Avocado – Asparagus gave the Crunchiness/Spring Onion just that sweetness and Avocado (smooth texture) made to perfection.


SALADS – Rock Shrimp Tempura, Wasabi Mayo – wow, simple at the same time presentation perfect. Deep fried prawns and Wasabi HIT is a great Combination especially when you get the starch level perfect (Prawns fried to perfection) crispy. Balance was good. Fresh greens/lettuce/Radish/Cherry tomatoes and Micro Greens. Refreshing.

The vegetarian Version has the same elements replaced by Deep fried Asparagus. Lovely, colorful, refreshing and good quantity. Do Order this salad.


Coming Back to the Cocktails – MYSTERY WHISKEY (again whiskey being favorite of the theme character) Perfect. Lovely use of five spices, balances the alcohol at the same time gives an Aromatic flavour. Irish whiskey with Ginger Ale, Mint. – Nice work.

Classic Martini – Made the classic way, great job – No complaints. Perfect.

APPETIZERS: A mix of Pan Asian and Indian dishes.



Afghani Tikka – Char grilled well. Just about perfect. Rich as the chef has used Cashew and Cream Marinade. Not experimented much – kept it simple. Chicken was tender/juicy. Served with Mint Chutney which was YUM and Onions. Garnished with Mint.


Zaffrani Paneer Tikka – Now this was packed with aromatic spices and flavours. Again Nothing Fancy – Malai Paneer (Cottage Cheese) cooked in tandoor. Fantastic Texture. Capsicum/Onions and garnished with Mint. Served with Mint Chutney and In House Salad. Lovely dish. Delight for the Vegetarians. Must Order.


I Took a Chance and Ordered GALOUTI KEBAB – Packed with spices but not over powering (Ginger/Garlic/Cinnamon/green cardamom) Minced Mutton had a good texture. I have had some Great Galouti Kebabs in recent times, this can come close to it texture wise. (A bit of fine tuning) this can be a great dish. Served over WARQI Paratha.

Back to the Poison:

White Lady – Classic Cocktail, Gin/Cointreau/Lemon and egg white – wow.

The Scent – This was a great One – Vodka/Sweet Vermouth a bit of Kaffir Lime which changes the taste. Hats Off to the Bar tender.



Comes in the Category of Hot Bowls –

Orange Chicken and Edamame Rice/Orange Tofu and Edamame Rice.


Must try this – Served hot. Great Balance of all the elements. Seared chicken (Juicy/tender) good texture fried rice with Edamame served with Pickle Radish (Fantastic) gave the Hit and Spicy dip. This had some amazing flavours. Sweet/Tangy/Spicy (Fresh orange dressing gave that citrus sweet touch) Loved it.

Vegetarian – Silken Tofu was absolutely class – Perfect in texture and Smooth as silk. Overall the same taste as the Non Veg. This can be a meal by itself.



Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cigars – this is sinful. The dish says it all. One needs to try out. Go for it when at Matahaari.

Overall – what do I say?


Ps. this place has everything. A private Room (35/40 Pax) private Cabins where you can have a personal Butler. Some Great Music/ Great Lighting – Big Dance Floor.

WOW – Cheers and all the best. GO FOR IT.


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