Light House Cafe Worli

Time Flies – It looks like it was just some day’s back that I wanted to Book a Table at THE LIGHT HOUSE CAFE, Worli – they were booked by WOW tables. It’s been a year already. This place is at Worli. Nice compact place. Only issue is the Aircon. However good the ambience decor vibe maybe, if a person is not comfortable – half the battle lost. Being a Sunday was packed.

Initially the service was poor but picked up. Better to sit in the outside section. Feels cooler.

Here is what we had:


Mexican Potato – Gives you that Mexican touch/texture – spicy/tangy. Basically its Twin baked potato with skin has the stuffing of Mexican beans which have been made spicy along with Pico de gallo topped with salsa, sour cream and spring onion. Also had some cheese. Good. Served with Salad which was dressed with honey lime and chilli. Gave a Thai taste. Overall tangy and sweet. Nice combination.


Jawala Kangjee – starter (Prawns) Jawala is basically mini prawns (new addition in the menu) Prawns were minced and marinated in Maharashtrian style. Coconut/onion and Gatti masala. Rolled in a Puff and fried. Served with garlic Chutney. Liked it. Something different. Do try out. Costal style preparation. Not over fried. Just about perfect.


Salad – Baby Spinach/Apple again a new addition in the menu. No rocket science. This is simple. Fresh Spinach/green and red apple walnut onions and cranberry with salt and pepper. Dressing Honey and Lime. Balance could have been better – Lot of elements are on a sweet side. Honey could have been reduced. For me it was a Bit sweet (hope the chef looks into it) overall refreshing. One small error and the dish can go for a toss.


Samosa sandwich – Mumbai special. Typical Mumbai style. Only difference instead of using normal bread they used Ladi pao. Had a good texture and sheen. Nice Spicy green chutney along with cucumber/Onions/Tomatoes. Spicy samosa in between and Use of shredded amul cheese (that’s Mumbai for you) street food at its best. Tasted Lovely. Can have this anytime.

Now coming to Monster of a dish:


CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA – 1.2 KGS (yes, you got it correct) It’s more like a PIE. Reminds me of Chicago. THICK PAN PIZZA but here they have over used the cheese I feel ( 500 grams or half a kg of mozzarella ) too much I guess , balance can go for a toss unless you are a cheese lover. 380/400 grams Dough to get the PIE perfect which was. 300 grams of roasted vegetables and spicy sauce. (Basically Roasted veggies like corn/zucchini/bell peppers) were used as a stuffing along with jalapeno olives and spicy sauce. I still feel half the quantity of cheese and there would have been a balance in flavours.


ROLLED UP FOR TRIPPING – This is like a LOG. YUM amazing dessert. Soft melts in the mouth. It’s basically chocolate and hazelnut Swiss roll. Must try.


Cocktails: This place serves amazing cocktails – we had the bar mans special which was whiskey based and the classic martini and whiskey sour with eggs – all 3 were nailed.

Overall – Just a couple of fine tuning required plus the air-condition. Thanks to Mr Ceaser who attended us and a special thanks to the chef and the team of the LIGHT HOUSE CAFE.

Congrats and keep going.



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