ARTH – New baby which has already taken Bombay by storm opened a fortnight back at Bandra (Ex Sanchos) the food at Arth is all about traditional cooking or rather ancient cooking. In the Era where Food was not cooked over Gas and the same is with Arth. It’s all about getting good and real flavours out of Charcoal/Wood Fire and some dishes hot sand.

Heard Chef has traveled all over to source some unusual ingredients from across India. Big towns/Villages and accordingly has crafted the Menu.

Two sections – Ground level is all about class. Hugh Bar fully stocked. One gets a lounge feel. In This part of the world this place can have the Who’s Who dropping by. Upper level has a small bar plus they have an open kitchen and the main sitting.

Hats off to the Bar Tender Dhaval Pillay – Some amazing drinks unheard off.


Marigold Lady: This is all about Marigold Gin with citrus mix and Floral. Loved it.

Berry Berry: Tequila base with Berries and Vanilla. Perfect in taste and not that sweet.

Coming to the classics:


Old Smokey: This is a tribute to the Smokey, charcoal flavours. Fine Scotch with lapsang Souchong tea and cherry wood smoke. This is Their Take on the famous Old Fashioned classic. Lovely.

Non Mojito: the art behind this drink is that this is not mulled. However the Cuban classic flavour remains even without lime and mint.

Coming to food:



Rhododendron Seekh – Vegetarian. Texture looked interesting. On a sweet/Savory side. Rhododendron is a woody plant in the health family found in Asia. Still trying to figure out what this is. Overall had a lovely texture/rusty look. After taste a bit on a sweeter side. Went well with the Pomegranate seeds. Served with sesame dip.


Mutton Kakori kebab – This one stands out. Melt in the mouth. Texture perfect. Hand pounded minced mutton with fresh spices (stone ground) Balance was just perfect. Served with Mint chutney/Onions/radish and a hit of chat masala. Lovely.


Kalimpong Cheese Char grilled – Kalimpong is known for cheese. Here the chef has made like a cracker adding jeera/salt. (Light crunchy with a bit of punch from the cheese and Indian taste from the jeera) Served with Charred Broccoli/Cauliflower and Fox Nut (makhana) something different.


Morrels Stuffed – Gourmet Mushrooms (like it or hate it) If one is used to having the normal mushrooms this may be a bit different for them. Char-grilled to perfection stuffed with a bit of cream and light on spices. For the crunchiness walnut pieces spread below. Garnished with micro greens.


Naga Wild Mushroom Gilawat – Hope people don’t mistake this word “naga” for chillies. Naga Mild Mushrooms grow in Nagaland. The chef has minced it perfectly with a balance of aromatic herbs and spices and presented in a form of a gilawat over ulta Paratha. Red scallion salad by the side and pungent sauce. Overall a lovely dish with a good texture and subtle flavours.


Paneer Char-grilled – could have been softer. Overall a lovely dish. 3 layers. In between each stuffing of mint chutney/Onions. Topped with Creamy sauce garnished with micro greens. Flavors were fresh. Saffron and Fennel all the way. Lovely dish. Served with in house salad.


Prawns Sous Vide – One can call it “cooking under vacuum” Usually takes an hour to 7 hours some cases even more. Here the chef has beautifully done up the dish. Juicy tender prawns full of flavours. Goan Vinegar/Chilli and clove being the main spices. Loved the taste. A hit of Spice/Aromatic. Balanced well.


Charcoal Bartha – so Indian. Served with Phulka (ghee) nice subtle spices. Good texture. Not overpowering. Liked it.


Pearl potatoes -This is a produce of Assam. Its baby potatoes famous in Assam. This was served with skin and marinated with almond paste and spices which were subtle. Served with Khamari Roti made from yogurt. Something different. Loved it. Had a very Rusty texture to it. Overall a nicely balanced dish.

Dessert :


Paper sweet – Richness written all over. Delicately prepared and executed. It’s all about getting the ultra thin rice sheets with brown sugar correct. (Looked like a nest) Just amazing. Ghee almonds and pistachio. A bit of Mawa as well. End result Crispy/Rich amazing. Must have at Arth.


Mango Cornets – Small corneto (crispy) made in house stuffed with Yogurt and topped with Mango cubes. Lovely dish. Plating was good. Crispy. Not that sweet. Balance was perfect. Another dessert worth ordering.

Overall: Frankly, This was something different. Worth a try. People have appreciated Bastian/One Street over which have the same owners. Worth a visit.



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