Baluchi Zaika – e – Awadh

Zaika – E – Awadh – Festival curated by Chef Rais Alam blew me with a couple of outstanding innovative dishes. I have been Having Awadh Cuisine but here the chef has made a couple of outstanding dishes which I still need to figure out. Take a Bow Chef.


Started with Mawa Aur Mewey Ki Seekh – Outstanding flavours/Aromatic Cottage cheese kebabs.

Murgh Parchay – Loved the texture. Cardamom/Cream and cheese roast with subtle spices was a treat to have.

Ghost Zafrani Seekh Kebab – all time favorite. Loved the hand pressed kebab. Gone back olden times to get the lovely texture. Perfect in flavours.

Galawat – Many few places nail this. Galawat was good but the moisture went into the Paratha which made the dish just a bit out of my comfort zone.
Happens ( chef look into this please )

Nihari kebab – Nailed it chef (Outstanding) Traditional flavours and gone back to old recipe. Here he has used Kewra. The aroma/Fruity smell was a treat to have. A small mistake can spoil the dish.
Experience of Chef Rais Alam (nailed it) Spices were bang. Loved having this by itself (meat cooked to perfection) Aromatic and Spice balance is an art which was so correct. This is a hard dish to nail.

Coming to the Star dish of the day – Water chestnut and Bamboo shoot (so very oriental) to give this dish an Awadh touch and to nail it. It’s an Art which the chef has made it possible. One MUST VISIT the festival to have Nihari and This dish. Worth every penny and a must have. Spices/Herbs/Aroma – balance just perfect. Loved it.


Dal Baluchi – No words to express. Amazing.

Taftaan – After a long time, had this Kasmiri / Middle Eastern Bread. Loved the texture and the taste. Can’t stop having one. Dip it into any gravy and you are INN for a treat.

Ended with Phirni – Not very sweet. Perfect in texture. Garnish of Pistachio and Almond shows how rich is our culture and the Awadh Food.

Overall it was an amazing evening – Thanks to the team of THE LALIT (You Guys Rock) 3 cheers. !! And all the best.

YES YOU TOOK ME BY SURPRISE WITH SOME AMAZING DISHES which go back centuries made so authentic.

This festival ends on 30th of this month – Must visit.

PS. The Food Looked heavy but even after trying all these dishes one is comfortable.
Balance of spices being perfect makes a lot of difference.
Richness is balanced.


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