Hemant Oberoi

Hemant Oberoi – What can I say about this Genius. He is a legend. Having launched his own company he opens a 3000+ sq feel restaurant ( the first in India ) BKC called Hemant Oberoi.

Menu looks Compact but 40 years of experience each dish has a story and Art hidden behind it.

From the Plating/Presentation/Flavors he can’t go wrong. I distinctly remember when Zodiac Grill shut down the rating was 4.9 which says it all. One can’t match it. Coming back to HO, it has class/elegance, Asked him how would you categorize this place? His reply ” Refined Dining ”

Morning Lunch are casual ( set meal @1650/= it’s a STEAL + La carte ) evenings it’s all about class ( La Carte menu )

Weekends are Sit down Brunch (11 course meal ) This place has 70+ covers and a Bar. The Moment one enters this place; there is that WOW factor to it. Old Charm with a menu which is completely the opposite (Peruvian/European/A bit of Asian) and Dish of the Day. As mentioned the Chef has come up with a lot of Peruvian dishes at the same time he has kept some signature dishes (Souffle/Ravioli) but with a bit of twist.

Speaking to chef, he did mention that most of the ingredients (Corn and Chillies) are from Peru, Miso and some fish From Japan. Tomatoes from Holland and the list continue. It’s all about Gourmet cuisine.

Coming to what we had:



Since this place is still functioning on a one day liquor permit they have a selection of Wines. Had a glass of Wine based cocktails? Mild yet good.

Coming to the food:



Perushi – Peruvian Sushi, Sushi is Japanese but this is what Chef Hemant Oberoi all about. (Gives you that Peruvian touch) Plating was neat. No flaw. Vinegared Rice was not sticky compared to other sushi making it light. Peruvian spices used which did give you that hit. Peruvian Bell pepper (yellow/red) different. We ordered the vegetarian (avocado) White and Black sesame. Sushi had Amarillo aioli (gives that sunny bright flavour along with the pepper Hit) Julienne Reddish with black sesame. Overall a lovely dish with right flavours.


Avocado Tortilla Pizza – Peruvian style with Peruvian flavours. Texture was fantastic. Tasted amazing. Crisp crusty. Shredded Parmesan used on the tortilla to get this crispness. Topped with Avocado. Peruvian red bell pepper. Spices came from the aji Amarillo mayo. (Aji means yellow or yellow chilli) mixed with the mayo which gives you that hit. Overall balance of the pizza was perfect. No flaw.


Anticuchos Platter – Not in the Menu, there is a new dish out of the menu which the chef has for his guest each day. Anticuchos is very popular in Peru / Bolivia / Argentina and Chile. Anticuchos the main meat is Beef heart. Here the chef has platted Chicken/New Zealand Lamb and Fish (red snapper) Chicken on a skewer Fish and lamb grilled. Medium-Well done. Marinated in Peruvian spices (Vinegar/cumin/garlic aji pepper) not over powering. Balance was perfect. Served with Chutney and Micro Mustard (grown in house) which one can cut and place over for the Punch. Overall a lovely dish. Chicken/Lamb/Fish were tender and juicy. Overall a lovely platter to order.


Cry-o-Pac, Three Mushroom Ravioli. From some Peruvian we shift to authentic Italian and this dish is nailed. No doubt about it. It’s Portobello Mushroom (common Mushroom – native of grassland Europe and North America) Button Mushroom (same) and Shiitake Mushroom (edible mushroom edible of East Asia) Chef has made Ravioli using these 3 types of mushrooms. Chef has prepared the ravioli and packed it airtight letting it to steam. Ravioli with truffle Oil. Plate has Roasted Oats and Black perigard air. Tins opened in front of you. Wow now this is theater at its best. Aroma all over. Truffle and Ravioli Combination. Rich in texture, rich in flavour. 2 cans each were having 2 ravioli each. End result = FANTASTIC. Can’t stop having this. Perfect way to start an entree. Must order dish. It’s heavenly.

PS. The Picture of the dish as already been uploaded. Check it out.


Brie and Truffle Souffle – Wow. U must order this at HO. This has always been one of the classics and signature dish of Chef Hemant Oberoi. When it comes to Souffle guess he’s the best. Zodiac grill used to serve Camembert Dariole; here the Chef has Used Brie and Truffle. This was so light. Airy. Aroma from the truffle was icing on the cake. Just outstanding.


Pollo Brassa – Grilled Spring Chicken, this look YUM. All the way this is a classic dish from Peru. Speaking to Chef Neha I was told the marination time is 48 hours. This dish had some amazing glaze and sheen. Texture was brilliant. Peruvian spices used plus some secret ingredients I was told. Got the sweetness as well as the spice flavours a bit of paprika hit. Overall the chicken was grilled perfectly. Juicy tender. Served with Corn and Pan Jus. (Making a pan jus is an art – from searing the meat/adding the aromatics/de glaze and bringing back the fat) Pakchoy and garnish with micro green. Overall No flaw – lovely – portion size good. (A perfect dish for one) Do order.




Chocolate Mille – Feuille amazing dessert. Can’t stop having one. Not that sweet. Texture was amazing. Treat for the chocolate lovers. Must try.


Three Milk Parfait – The French word for this is “Perfect” indeed it was. It’s a type of a frozen dessert. Three types of milk with a bit of salted caramel. Crunchy Popcorn on top with edible flower. Loved the texture and the caramel . Overall this was YUM.

Overall experience at HO

One word = F A N T A S T I C


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