House Of Nomad – Taj Lands End

House of Nomad – Perfect place to unwind over some amazing cocktails and Global Cuisine. One can call it a Gastro bar. Serves some Global tapas inspired from different regions of the world. Coming to the Chef, Anirudhya Lal Roy has curated the menu for this place. Chef loves experimenting and looks for constant innovations which one can see in this menu. Bar menu is curated by Andrew Pearson , an award winning Mixologist.

House of Nomad – It’s got that bohemian chic look as well as Deco- inspired ambiance. Bar, a lot of Timber used at the same time paired with metal and brass panel. Overall this place has an inviting feel to it.

Coming to the Drinks we had at this amazing place:




Channel no 6 – Art work Mixologist at its best. Ladies drink. We have heard of Channel no 5 and 7. 6 is the creation of Taj. It’s all Kettle one (Vodka Base) a hint of Lychee puree which gives you a lovely texture. A bit of coconut to give the freshness. Ladies do love lipstick – monocular lipstick to keep them busy. Overall correct combination and a lovely drink.

Twisted Negroni – Very few places nail this cocktail. It’s all about getting a good balance of Gin/Campari and Martini Rosso served with block ice.


Islay Smoked Sour – Perfection at its best. Had some good whiskey a cocktail recently, this one stands out. Johnny walker black label , coal ila single malt some ginger for the hit honey for that ted bit of sweetness lemon juice ( balances ) shaken over ice in a rock salt glass finished with Smokey Islay sea salt foam. (Must have)


Espress Yourself – The name says it all. Its espresso shaken with Ketel One Vodka, in house chocolate bitters and a dash of vanilla syrup. Get the aroma from the vanilla pod. Lovely.

Coming to some Tapas and Appetizers:


Popcorn – Wasabi and the jalapeno. Interesting. Hot a bit of hit with the jalapeno but wasabi missed out on the punch. Overall a good Bar Bite.


Marinated Olives – (Green Castelvetrano) Chilli & Garlic with olive oil. Jumbo sized olive has that ted buttery and meaty taste with slight sweetness. Here it was marinated with Lots to Garlic / Olive oil and Chilli. Smooth in taste. Not that salty. Perfect and goes well with your drinks.


Flat Bread – More like a paper thin pizza I would put it. Aromatic in flavour. One word TRUFFLE, which says it all. Flat bread baked to perfection. A bit of Goat cheese which gives you that saltiness. Pickled beet. Topped with lovely Arugula (sharpness) and Bear (sweetness) Overall completely balanced. Loved it. Very light.


Bandra Shreemal rolls – We asked for the Lamb Seekh. (They also have Paneer and chicken) lovely platting. Kept it simple. Seekh rolled in a Paratha accompanied with onions and a touch of mint chutney. Minced Kebab done well had simple flavours looking at the clientele. Clever dish. Well executed.


Can’t go wrong with this Burrata – Simple / classy soft. This is all Taj about. Topped with Olive oil, torn basil for the flavour. Served with Focaccia Croutons toasted.


Phyllo Parcels – Light fluffy done well. Stuffed with spinach and goat cheese a bit of pepper served with sour cream dip and salad. Nice dish. Simple.


Stuffed zucchini cheese fries dusted with parmesan – This place is knows for tapas. This would come under that category. Small plate. Loved the texture. Fried to perfection. Nice crispy crust. Zucchini and cream stuffing. Could have had some punch. Missed that overall good. Served with mayo.


Table BBQ skewers – They have chicken / Paneer / lamb – we asked for the Harrisa Paneer with tangy tomato sauce. Paneer was soft, grilled well. Marination – bold flavours, sheen all over, lovely texture. Harrisa gave that Tangy spicy hit. Cilantro sprinkled over it was good. Overall a good dish for the vegetarians. Onions/Capsicum done well.


Super Sliders with House spiced Wedges – Sounds good. Tasted good. Juicy. The vegetarian version is patty made of roasted vegetables and curry. Something different. Lettuce/Tomato/patty/cheddar. Buns made in house – overall good. Another dish goes well with your alcohol. This was served with homemade spicy fries.


Table BBQ Skewers – Vegetarian this time. Paneer marinated with Harrisa (gave that spicy taste) and tomato tangy sauce. Overall a nice dish. Paneer rolled in homemade Paratha.




Mini Doughnuts filled with vanilla custard, crispy and gooey amazing. Served with chocolate sauce. One needs to dip the doughnuts in the sauce. Excellent.


Baked Alaska – it’s been a while that I have had a good Baked Alaska. It’s all about Ice cream and cake topped with meringue. Lovely dessert flambé perfectly. End result amazing.


There was one more dessert which I can’t get the name correctly (maybe Sangria trifle) will figure out and edit the review.

Perfect place to chill out after work, maybe informal meets. Overall relaxed feel. Yes they do play some good music as well (progressive music t house to high energy) complete package.

Go for it. Cheers.


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