No Vacancy

No Vacancy – New baby at Carter Road – Bandra. Ashok Datwani who gave us Satranj Napoli opened this Bar and Bistro some days back. A bit different concept at the Bar where the Bar tenders cook behind their console. Overall the place has got a good feel to it. One would get the Lounge Feel as the night progresses. Cuisine – it has American / Italian / Tex-mex and Asian. Opens to public at 7 pm. Staff is attentive, service is good.

Coming to what we had:


Gypsy – Vodka based with fresh vegetable stock made out of beet root which gives you that thick texture. A bit of chilli for the hit garnish of basil. This is served with Spiced beetroot sticks cooked in butter with fresh thyme salt and pepper.


Most of their cocktails have a small nibble to taste.

USE ME – Bacardi based with homemade rocket leaf bitter, fresh cucumber juice, a bit of lemon grass sticks and a touch of coconut. This is served with Paneer tarts. Good.

Selfie queen – Vodka all the way. Classy drink served with flavoured Bruschetta.

Coming to the Food


Tenderloin Carpaccio – Had been having some great Carpaccio these days. This looked YUM the moment it came on the table. It’s all about a tenderloin (beef) sliced to perfection. Dressed with Arugula, Balsamic reduction to get that balance and Parmesan slice (sharpness) A bit of Mustard Micro and Lavash. Overall fresh and refreshing. Must order if one likes beef.


Mushroom Borek – (Borek is a family of baked filled pastries made of thin flaky dough also know is Phyllo) to make it simple, its Phyllo stuffed with Porcini (Penny Bun mushroom + wild mushrooms) lovely texture baked perfectly garnished with balsamic reduction and served with rocket salad. Great starter.


Avocado Tacos – Comes under the section “Lo Shares” Neatly presented. Panco crust Avocado made Asian style (Crunchy) rested over homemade Soft taco with salsa (tangy/sweet) sour cream topped with Julienne cut spring onion. Nice balance of herbs. Overall refreshing.


Lobster Mac and Cheese – wow! Great dish. Fantastic presentation. A mix of Sea Food and the famous Mac and cheese. Balance proportion was good. Tasted good. Creamy herbs flavorful, this is the chef’s recommendation. If you like lobster a dish which needs to be ordered.


Hummus with grilled vegetables – Something different. It’s basically lava stoned grilled vegetables (bell pepper- Red/Yellow, Zucchini / baby corn / carrots / broccoli /olive) this is to be had with hummus which had a lovely velvety texture and pita bread. Overall a nice looking dish. Would have preferred the vegetables a bit crispy.


Baked Chicken Tenders – this was amazing. Aroma/Spices/Herbs all perfect. No Oil not fried. Its Panco crust all the way – baked to perfection. Crunchy from the outside, Juicy and tender within. Goes well with the pepper jus served. Gives that hit required. Overall a good dish and a healthy option.


Doner Lamb Bao – Tiny Bao made in house. Fresh/Light. Stuffed with grilled minced lamb patty marinated with cream cheese and herbs. Can be a bit messy but end taste was good as the lamb was juicy. A bit of mayo and Red cabbage. Overall Good. Balance was good.


Prawns and jalapeno Marmalade – This was good. Jumbo prawns grilled to perfection served on a bed of homemade jalapeno preserve. Gave that sweet/spicy touch and balanced the dish well. Combination was good.


Smoked Duck Tart – wow this stood out. Tart made in touch- Perfect crust. Crispy. Stuffed with smoked duck breast Diced and fresh fennel (got the balance correct Smokey and Fresh) topped with honey for the sweetness and garnished with pecorino cheese (again sweet and sharp) played well with flavours at the end of the day it’s the balance. Overall a nice dish to try if one likes duck.


Smoked Chicken Shawarma – Looked interesting. Juicy/Spicy/flavourful. Had the smokiness. Smoke shredded chicken stuffed in homemade pita with hummus a bit of Harrisa (spiciness and punch) Ranch salad and Pickles. Total street food (comfort) made well by the chef.


Penne with Gorgonzola Truffle Sauce – Penne cooked El dente (perfect) lovely texture to the pasta using Gorgonzola Cheese a bit of garlic/Pepper – kept it simple some butter and cream and truffle oil to enhance the aroma. Overall a simple dish tasted good.


Corn Chilli Cheese Toast – nice texture. Crusty Italian homemade bread topped with cheese/Corn/onions/chillies/herbs. Their take on a chilli cheese toast. Not very spicy but subtle in taste. A bit of Micro greens on top and Bell pepper.



Carrot Cake – lovely texture soft. Do try their desserts. All in house. Peanuts made the difference. Got that crunchiness with each bite.


Seasonal Fresh fruit Cheese Cake – Mango it was. Compressed. Way the Americans like it with diced pieces of mango. Loved it.

Overall – a place sure to click. The next INN thing – it has it all, Good alcohol/Ambiance/Food/Music and the location.

Hats off to the entire team. Great work and wish you the best.



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