K&K – ITC Grand Central

K&K – Daawat -e – Shareef, New Maestro welcome to K&K Mast chef Shareef. He brings along with him the heritage of North Indian culinary traditions a bit modified with his years of experience. A small brief about Master Chef Shareef – known for his DumPukth style of cooking. Here he has curated an exquisite menu consisting of signature kebabs and Biryani not to forget the traditional mains as well. Started his career at ITC Maurya (flagship property) Moved to ITC Windsor Bangalore where he opened the Dum Pukth restaurant. Travelled as a brand ambassador of the famed Dum Pukth cuisine of India. Now heads K&K ITC Grand Central.

This festival started on the 5th of July till 31st July 2017 both Lunch and Dinner.

Started off with some amazing Rose wine called Tabel (product of France)


Food was amazing, some of the dishes we tried:


Nadru Ki Chaap – First look, thought it was Lamb. The texture and the presentation. This was all about some nicely minced lotus stem which had a good balance of herbs and spices (dried herbs to be precise) with minced onions/Chillies and hand pounded coriander (this extracts more flavour to the food) served Deep fried. Lovely dish served with Mint Chutney.


Bhuttey Ke Kebabs – apt time to have corn or Bhutta. This was nailed by the chef. Kebabs made by mashed fresh cornkemels, loaded with aromatic flavours (Like a patty) stuffing cantered with Tangy raw mango/onion/ginger/chilli and mint pan grilled to perfection. Loved the flavours. At the end the ted sweetness from the corn made a lot of difference and balanced the dish.


Bharwan Paneer Tikka – When it comes to Paneer guess it’s difficult to touch ITC. Thick chunks of Paneer (soft at the same time) Tandoored to perfection. A bit of mint chutney (freshness) and nuts with the signature spices. Loved it. Fantastic texture and beautifully done, well balanced as far as flavours go.


Lehsooni Jinga – wow the size of the prawns were awesome (product of ITC) fresh catch I was told. Jumbo prawns cooked beautifully in a tandoor delicate marination of yogurt with chillies hand pounded spices and a bit of garlic. Just perfect juicy. Loved it.


Machli Ki Seekh – have been having Lamb/Chicken Seekh but this was different. Delicately char grilled Fresh water fish presented in skewer- flavours of green herbs with a dash of Indian spices. The balance again was subtle. Just about perfect.


Guess In chicken we had the Gilafi kebab (if my memory is correct) again a Seekh but Chicken. Minced chicken char grilled kebab stuffed with finely chopped tomatoes and pepper. Colorful at the same time got a hit from the spices and aroma from the herbs. Loved the texture. Juicy and soft. No flaws.


Kakori kebab – the best in town (undoubtedly) this is ITC all about and this is chef Shareef all about. Experience counts. One gets the hot of spices/Herbs/Aroma at the same time it’s all subtle. That’s the art of cooking. Melt in the mouth for sure, can’t go wrong with this. Minced mutton with cloves and Cinnamon (distinct aroma) wrapped around a skewer and char grilled. STAR dish of the day. Can have this anytime.

By this time we were almost full. Mains to come.


Alu Bukhara Kofte ka Salan (Itc dum Pukth at its best) Rich/creamy stuffing of fried plums and almonds simmered in cardamom and Cumin gravy. Tangy sweet at the same time gave that bit of hit from the spices. Lovely vegetarian dish went well with the breads. Full marks.


Dal Makhani – Coming to ITC one has to have a spoon of the famous Dal. Fantastic combination of black lentils tomatoes/ginger and garlic simmered at low flame over night over charcoal to get the smokiness. Served with Homemade white butter. Rich.


We asked for a Chicken dish in mains (can’t recollect the name) tender juicy chunks of chicken with red gravy. I shall however edit this review once I get the name correct. It had a velvety texture and something different which I have not tasted yet at K&K (hope I figure out the name)



Gucchi Biryani – it’s all about saffron. Long grain basmati rice cooked “DUM” style with morels stuffed with herb cheese. Loved the Aroma. Amazing.

Last but not the least – The best Gosht Biryani , its again all about basmati rice simmered with mace ( a spice derived from Nutmeg ) a bit of Itar ( fragrance ) and Kewra ( typical Awadh style of cooking ) This was finished on ” DUM ” in a sealed Handi.


Breads: Waqri Paratha/Naan-E-Birang/Phudina Paratha.



Khumani Chenna – its all about apricots stewed with a lot of fragrance of star anise stuffed with Chenna. Slowly baked in Saffron linged yogurt custard. Not sweet. Lovely texture amazing.


K&K Kulfi – lovely dessert did not try looked very rich. Basically its Frozen reduced milk with saffron and pistachio. Served with almond Rusk/pomegranate pearls rose and gold leaf. Yummy dish.

Overall – Fantastic

Go for this La carte menu.


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