Kuai Kitchen – compact QSR situated at colaba.
Small place with a big heart. Comes from the stables who have given us Royal China and Jia.
This place can be called a delivery outlet at the same time it has a sitting of about 20.

Menu is compact – covers Sushi/Dim sums/ Thai/japanese and asian.
Opens for Lunch at 12 till 3.30 and again 7 till 11.30

We had a lovely meal yesterday – apart from one dish which was the Kung Pao chicken stuck to the vegetarian.


Dim sums – Truffle edamame dumplings and Water chestnuts and corn dumplings – both had a wonderful texture – served piping hot. Outer layer was thin and the stuffing was just perfect. Truffle stood out with it’s aroma and Water chestnut with corn had carrots/ celery/corn/water chestnuts – crunchy and sweet. Lovely start.


Sushi – 6 pieces Avocado Maki roll – Done well. Nice presentation. Subtle in flavour. made Fresh with a bit of Mayo. Overall a nice dish which goes well with wasabi and ginger.


SZECHUAN Edamame – something different. Steamed edamame with szechuan sauce ( just a bit ) gives that punch. Interesting take. Balance perfect.


Turnip Cake with Chili Oil – Basically a chinese dim dum made of radish and plain flour. Fried served with onions/garlic/celery/ginger- overall a lovely dish. Must try. Looks like paneer ( texture ) tastes better.


Kung Pao Chicken – expected to be dry. This came with the gravy , went well with burnt garlic rice. Bell pepper/red chilies/ soy/onions/tomato – overall a nice dish. Maybe a bit more of chicken would have been better.


Burnt Garlic Rice – just loved the quantity and the the quality. Got the flavour and the punch of what it said. Do order when at Kuai.


Kuai Special mixed vegetables with Soya Chili garlic sauce – another subtle dish went well with burnt rice. Clever use of seasonal veggies. Broccoli/mushrooms/bell pepper/water chestnut/carrots tossed in soy sauce served piping hot with a bit of garlic and chili sauce. Also used Pokchoy giving a refreshing look. Overall good.


Szechuan Noodles – wow loved it. Went well with the sauces which were given at the start. Chili oil. extra Szechuan sauce. Quantity was perfect for 2. Done just well.

Desserts :


Mudcake with vanilla ice cream. If they say its made in house – hats off to them. nailed it.


Chocolate Kuai pie ( Hope i got this dessert correct ) It’s basically Dim sums filled with rice chocolate. Served like a sim dum. Can get messy but once you start. can’t stop. Not very sweet. Do go for this. Lovely.

Overall experience –


This concept is good. Everything under one roof. Heard their Non vegetarian is also good.
Till next time , cheers – and regards.


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