Cafe Delhi Heights – Unbelievable Burgers. One HAS  to have their JUICY LUCY burgers which they are famous for. Guess this is outlet Number 15 all over India and they have a count displayed each morning as to how many Juicy Burgers have been sold / delivered across other outlets.

WOW is not the word. Coming to the place – looks big. Have utilised almost whatever best they could with the space – Yet looks subtle/inviting -Colourful and the height light being their Bar which has some amazing cocktails at the same time well stocked.

Beer and a Negroni – made well. Just perfect combination of Campari.

Coming to the food:


They serve a bread basket accompanied with butter.

Prawn Tempura Roll – Sushi. Done well with mayo/Prawn/lettuce and chilli. Texture was fine. Nice portion size. served with Soy/Wasabi.


Chicken Curry Steamed Dumplings – Presentation was fantastic. Texture was lovely. Dumplings steamed to perfection. Nice minced chicken with a bit of herbs and spices. Tangy/Soy based curry (a bit spicy) went well as the curry. Served Piping hot. Overall had the Punch. Thin layer.



COMING TO THE JUICY LUCY BURGER – their Signature dish and a must have. Maybe 350/360 grams but at the end of the day it’s all about the Patty. Juicy/Soft (250 grams meat (mutton minced) with vinegar slow/gherkins/tomato/jalapeno/tomato and lettuce leaves. At the end cut into 3 and tried = FANTASTIC. Must try this. We were told they had a competition and one could just finish a bit less than 2 and a half burger (say 850 grams) they have vegetarian options as well. Go for this or VISIT this place and make it a point to have THIS. Served with potato wedges and lettuce (fresh) By the way the Burger was juicy and had the punch from the mayo as well.


CHETTINAD SUHKE PRAWNS – word Chettinad and one knows its Tamil Nadu (spicy level high) here the highlight were the prawns done perfectly. Not soggy. Pan seared to perfection. Had a rustic look to it. Curry pata+ Spices (southern) one could not ask for more. Balance of spices was just perfect. Overall dish was a killer. Served with Onions and green chilli (Delhi style)


While discussing someone came up with the word “KASUNDI” Requested the manager if they had anything which had “KASUNDI” in the menu.

I can’t recollect the name – it was fish ( Not Basa ) with mustard ( Kasundi ) semi gravy with curry pata tadka and spices ( In house served with rice ) This was according to me the star dish of the say. I got the Hit of what it says which is essential when you mention in the menu. A bit of lemon in the lemon balanced the entire dish. Served with Rice. Nice Punch and flavourful dish. It’s al meal by itself. Loved it. Garnish of Cilantro. Man this was awesome. Will try getting the name.


Ended with Dessert = Signature chocolate glory ( a combination of 3/4 chocolates ) served with vanilla ice cream.

Chaas – Masala made my day. Chili full of punch this is what delhi is known for. Try out.

Overall – F A N T A S T I C

Menu is vast = Continental/Italian (Pizza/pasta)/Seafood/Cafe food/Indian and much more.

Will have to surely visit back to have some amazing food and specially their burgers and Fish. This place opened at Kamla Mills a month back – all day dining 11 am till 1 am. Do try out this place and enjoy Cafe Delhi Heights. Their furore openings (Phoenix – lower Parel and Market city Kurla)

Till I see you guys, its cheers and all the best. Thanks for the lovely evening.


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