Flip Bar & Kitchen

FLIP Bar & Kitchen (Bar not yet opened) at this moment it’s ONLY FLIP KITCHEN.
.Another good effort by Chef Saif to get this place to a great start. The moment one glances the Menu (Its some signature creations of KM SAIF) which one needs to try. About this place – 2 levels. Upper level has Sheesha (more casual sitting – lounge feel) Ground level is good. Vibe is positive – overall a nice place and this type of cuisine were required in this Area.

Coming to what we had:

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Matahaari Worli

MATAHAARI – The latest and probably the best lounge in Bombay at this moment opened doors last month. If One has to research Mata Hari (Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod ) stage name Mata Hari – you can write a Thesis on her.

At Worli – we get some glimpse what Matahaari is all about.
Interiors – The best in Bombay. Vibe/Feel/Ambiance just amazing and positive. It’s all about The CHIC look at the same time you go back yesteryear. Lot of Leather/Velvet used. And Spacious.

A mini Biography of Mata Hari . Some Minute details have been taken care of. Likes/Dislikes – her best color/drink etc. This place is Hugh divided into sections (Bottoms Up/The Parlor/The Gallery the Chamber/the Vanity and has a story of its own.

One need to go there have a feel of what I have penned down.

Coming to the Bar – Its Hugh/Long and loaded. (Bottoms up) Food menu looks
interesting as well.

Coming to what we had:

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Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Hill Road

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Perfect Name , Situated in Bandra , another perfect location chosen. Interiors well done. But Can and did get Noisy towards the end. A mix of Continental/Italian/Finger Food/Biryani/Pizza/Chinese hmm .. there is a saying ” Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth ” – In this case had the chef stuck to less variants in cuisine – maybe it would have been better.

Any Ways – The beers which we tasted were good , but at the end i preferred having the KOLSCH – smooth light and good. As far as Beer goes , personally feel there has to be a variation in the taste – at a certain point , the beers i tasted had a monotonous flavour . Still KOLSCH was the winner.

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The Good Wife

The Good Wife ? what’s this name all about ? After my visit Perfectly Understand who ” THE GOOD WIFE ” is all . THIS IS IT !!

Difficult to describe this place, but in one word i would just say FANTASTIC. Has that Vibe , Energy , Class , Feel , Looks …. Some may call it a fine dine , a semi fine dine … For me it’s a casual chill out place though a bit high on the pricing but at the end of the day … it’s a great Feeling !!

Weekday and to see this placed packed – amazing !

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Tea Trails

Tea Trails – Nice Tea cafe’s and Bistro concept in India. 13 Branches Since 2013 and adding more . soon this would be known as a brand or already has established itself as one.

After some extensive research by the owners Tea Trails have managed to put together about 75+ varieties of teas + some Good Food in their menu.

The outlet where we had been was a vegetarian outlet but from what we came to know that they did manage to get permission to get the egg items in place.

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The Bayview Restaurant – Marine Plaza

Marine Plaza – A nice Compact Property Overlooking The Arabian Sea at the End of Marine Drive. Some Interesting Restaurants ” Geoffrey’s ” – English Pub ( my Favourite ) They also Have the Award winning Chinese Restaurant ” The Oriental Blossom ” and Obviously The BAY VIEW RESTAURANT which is a 24 hour Coffee shop has a new menu which looks interesting and they also have a Buffet.

Coming to a Chef Table Tasting where we had the chance to try out some good and innovative dishes , would like to start with :

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Interesting name this ?

Why 38 Bangkok Street was the question and i was told by Gaurav Barai the owner that soi 38 in Bangkok serves some amazing Asian food hence the name .

Gaurav was also frank enough to mention that he has given an Indianised taste to it , hence if one is looking for authentic far eastern food , it would not be perfect . Fair enough , which means I am reviewing this place keeping in mind the frankness of the owner.

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