Cafe Delhi Heights – Unbelievable Burgers. One HAS ┬áto have their JUICY LUCY burgers which they are famous for. Guess this is outlet Number 15 all over India and they have a count displayed each morning as to how many Juicy Burgers have been sold / delivered across other outlets.

WOW is not the word. Coming to the place – looks big. Have utilised almost whatever best they could with the space – Yet looks subtle/inviting -Colourful and the height light being their Bar which has some amazing cocktails at the same time well stocked.
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Light House Cafe Worli

Time Flies – It looks like it was just some day’s back that I wanted to Book a Table at THE LIGHT HOUSE CAFE, Worli – they were booked by WOW tables. It’s been a year already. This place is at Worli. Nice compact place. Only issue is the Aircon. However good the ambience decor vibe maybe, if a person is not comfortable – half the battle lost. Being a Sunday was packed.

Initially the service was poor but picked up. Better to sit in the outside section. Feels cooler.

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The Lab Malabar Hill

When two friends sit over a a conversation and FOOD being a Subject. One of them puts up an idea Lets open a restaurant/Cafe ? DONE … Now what ? No background of food , look out for a chef , find a place get the interiors done and then the R & D. This is the story of this cafe at Walkeshwar.

LAB – the same is just correct. Small cafe at Teen Batti – Nice ambiance / cosy interiors. 2 levels. Ground is the kitchen , mezzanine is where the sitting is. Again 2 levels – One has a normal Table and Chairs and Low sitting – More relaxed and Comfort area. Lot of board games. Overall a perfect place. Hygiene level good , neatly done up and VFM. The menu impressed me. Vegetarian.

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Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Hill Road

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Perfect Name , Situated in Bandra , another perfect location chosen. Interiors well done. But Can and did get Noisy towards the end. A mix of Continental/Italian/Finger Food/Biryani/Pizza/Chinese hmm .. there is a saying ” Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth ” – In this case had the chef stuck to less variants in cuisine – maybe it would have been better.

Any Ways – The beers which we tasted were good , but at the end i preferred having the KOLSCH – smooth light and good. As far as Beer goes , personally feel there has to be a variation in the taste – at a certain point , the beers i tasted had a monotonous flavour . Still KOLSCH was the winner.

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MRP – Modern Asian Bistro

Kudos to the Kohli’s – Pritam Restaurant / Pritam Da Dhaba / Mid Town Pritam / Grandmama’s Cafe / PDT / The Roll Company and Now MRP – MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE / MY REGULAR PLACE – This is exactly what it meant to be. Apart from a Normal Cover Charge for food , You can Buy any Alcohol (imported) at MRP rate . Short simple and sweet and I presume this is Inclusive of Taxes.

Newly Opened or rather Officially opening today , this place is going to be another Grandmama’s Cafe – In other words this is a chill out hang out place which will rock as the word spreads out.


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Fat Man’s Cafe & Grill

Fat Mans Cafe – had heard a lot about this place. 2 outlet’s one at the Reclamation and the at Juhu. The Juhu outlet is kind of a cafe Bistro which serves alcohol as well. Since the Pizza Festival was on, was looking forward to it.

Interesting place, on the 3rd floor , not very compact , tends to fill up post 9 pm that’s when the crowd of that area comes out. ( No offence ) just sharing my experience !

Coming straight to food :


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