No Vacancy

No Vacancy – New baby at Carter Road – Bandra. Ashok Datwani who gave us Satranj Napoli opened this Bar and Bistro some days back. A bit different concept at the Bar where the Bar tenders cook behind their console. Overall the place has got a good feel to it. One would get the Lounge Feel as the night progresses. Cuisine – it has American / Italian / Tex-mex and Asian. Opens to public at 7 pm. Staff is attentive, service is good.

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House Of Nomad – Taj Lands End

House of Nomad – Perfect place to unwind over some amazing cocktails and Global Cuisine. One can call it a Gastro bar. Serves some Global tapas inspired from different regions of the world. Coming to the Chef, Anirudhya Lal Roy has curated the menu for this place. Chef loves experimenting and looks for constant innovations which one can see in this menu. Bar menu is curated by Andrew Pearson , an award winning Mixologist.

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Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Hill Road

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Perfect Name , Situated in Bandra , another perfect location chosen. Interiors well done. But Can and did get Noisy towards the end. A mix of Continental/Italian/Finger Food/Biryani/Pizza/Chinese hmm .. there is a saying ” Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth ” – In this case had the chef stuck to less variants in cuisine – maybe it would have been better.

Any Ways – The beers which we tasted were good , but at the end i preferred having the KOLSCH – smooth light and good. As far as Beer goes , personally feel there has to be a variation in the taste – at a certain point , the beers i tasted had a monotonous flavour . Still KOLSCH was the winner.

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Bombay Vintage – Opened In January 2016 , this place has the class. Be it the Decor Ambience Food .. all Seemed to be perfect. The first impression from the name , will take you down memory lane and it did. It has that Vintage Look , the Vintage ambience , the velvet red chairs marble tables , rusty walls , old clocks , radios , typewriter , switches the arches on one side of the wall .. Somewhat a bit like Woodside Inn.

Has two levels the lower which is a bit casual and the upper level which has that Vintage feel . also they have a small 8/10 sitter private cabin where one can enjoy a small get-together.

The Cooperate Chef hails from Calcutta who has 4 restaurants under him and the Sous Chef is Giakwad who has managed to put a good menu. Interesting Twists and turns and innovations. Fully Loaded Bar ..

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