So It was Franceso’s again after a long time. Previously i have been to this place and had given 3 a rating. However the food and the service has improved a lot from when they started.


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GUSTOSO = Tasteful . And yes it was Tasteful. Forgetting the past let’s concentrate in the Present. Gustoso is here to stay .. Nice Feel , good vibe , Positive Ambience , Good Service , Wood Fire Pizza , Fully Stocked Bar , some great Italian food . What else does one want !!

The Small Party room will be the key to this place ..Say 20/25 !!

Consulting Chef, Giulio Adriani has done a good job in having some great dishes in place and focused a lot on the Vegetarian food ( Kemps Corner )

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Aye Dios Mio

Aye dios Mio – Italian + Mexican + Home delivery + Cute place + Good Hindi Vintage Music + Nice Service. At the end of the day it stands for ” Oh My God ” there are a couple of other meanings as well to this.
3 partners , vegetarian Place , a Take away basically at marine lines but has a sitting of about 10 people and from the time we were there till we left it was busy with Orders Pouring in. Local Crowd must be …

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From the House of Charcoal Biryani comes this Italian Place Chilli Flakes.

I was frankly in two minds to visit Chilli Flakes as had mixed reviews from Charcoal.

Owned by ex 212 guys – could not go wrong when it comes to Italian.

Chilli Flakes has 2 outlets , one at Lower Parel ( small , no sitting ) another at dadar which has 4 tables + delivery. My first Impression as i entered the place was Good . Clean , nice Aroma of fresh food cooked. A small but yet wonderfully done menu which covers Bread, Pizzas, Salad, Burgers, Sliders, Pastas

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Little Italy

Little Italy – Takes you back memory lane. Remember the first outlet which had opened in Pune. Since then It’s no looking back. That was then one of the only Place ( now a brand ) to serve authentic pizzas. Looking at Little Italy many have tried to copy it but failed , his place has still managed to keep up the Hype and at the same time the quality of food. All over India now , he does give you the consistency in some of their signature dishes like the Caesar Salad , Pizzas ….

Yes , they may have and Have started catering to the local crowd – compromising on the authenticity which was there THEN but even then the Ingredients used are Top Notch and the service ” A ” class.

I would be writing this review based on the Taste which caters to a certain pocket – But my favourites have not changed in taste for which its full marks.

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